Using Ionic, MobileCaddy and for Offline Mobile Apps

Here at MobileCaddy, we were recently fortunate enough to have one of our own present to the second-largest meeting of Salesforce developers globally, at February’s London-based Developer User Group event.

As proud video sponsors of the London Salesforce DUG, we were given the opportunity to demonstrate the business value of rapidly building mobile apps which are fully robust, offline-first, and highly cost-effective.

While many enterprise decision makers may not be directly involved in the development process for their mobile applications, it’s becoming increasingly important to appreciate the relationship between the technical elements which make an app essential to the business, as enterprise mobility continues to proliferate.

As a result, this video presentation features our Mobile Technical Architect, Todd Halfpenny, taking the audience through a technique for building and running a fully offline mobile app, using MobileCaddy and

Todd demonstrates the use of Angular JS with Ionic, combined with the Salesforce platform and MobileCaddy, to build a hybrid, offline-first mobile app for the audience, both quickly and easily.



For further insights, visit our MobileCaddy Developers blog, a dedicated resource for your developers and your partners’ developers.

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