Do You Trust Your Salesforce Mobile App to Perform When it Counts?

TrustCaddyTrust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. But when the relationship in question is between a business user and a mobile app supporting their daily need to do their job, the importance of unflinching trust becomes much more tangible.

We believe that a business investing in a mobile app should be able to have full confidence in its performance at all times, so that the employees can work to the best of their ability with no complications or interruptions.

As a result, MobileCaddy has a dedicated team working on a daily basis to ensure all MobileCaddy users can have absolute trust in their apps. This team’s insights are made public through our own TrustCaddy website.

What is TrustCaddy?

The purpose of this website is to add an extra dimension of confidence for users in the reliability of their Salesforce mobile app, and to give reassurance that the app will continue to work as it’s supposed to. When a business has invested in an app that’s custom built for their individual workflows, this consistency and dependability are all the more important.

This site provides access to a wealth of information on a daily basis, including:

  • A daily check of each of our monitoring system
  • A summary of records and connection sessions processes
  • Record issues recorded
  • Authentication issues recorded
  • Metrics (platform) overage recorded

How does it work?

The TrustCaddy website has been up and running for a number of months, quietly doing its job behind the scenes to ensure our customers’ apps can keep doing theirs.

The site itself is a way of providing constant visibility into what’s going on with the apps we support, where visitors can see the status of the connection sessions to the Salesforce platform, demonstrating that things are running smoothly.

We present them with a graphical representation of the data all our apps are interacting with, including how many records are going back and forth with the platform, and highlighting any issues.

Our team makes this happen by running a daily system scan, which involves installing an app, connecting to the platform, logging in, and checking that the specific connection through the app to the platform has been made.

The team will then run their daily report of all the connection sessions between the previous day, which shows the amount of records processed in total (usually in the thousands), and identifies if any records have encountered problems that will need to be investigated or resolved.

With trust comes support

Issues or errors that come up in the report and come into our internal alerts through workflows are instantly flagged and very quickly addressed, with the objective of solving the problem before users are even aware of it, so we can minimise any impact on the business.

Through our listen, learn, and share model, we note all items that may affect our mobile apps, such as changes to OS versions, offering resources and notes on those changes. These kind of updates will be broadcast, along with notifications regarding important events, like our pre-release testing via our internal processes.

As maintaining app performance at all times is our top priority, it’s important to provide this continuous stream of alerts and updates – good or bad – and offer full visibility into the wellbeing of our mobile apps.

From customer’s point of view, this confidence in the reliability of their mobile apps is of paramount importance to all involved. Once that trust is established, mobile apps can then be leveraged in the workplace for far more than the traditional basic conveniences, such as email and expenses.

When a decision maker simply knows their Salesforce mobile app will perform without fail, they can then begin to mobilise processes which are critical to the success of the business, which is where the biggest opportunities lie for those apps to make a truly significant impact. Thanks to TrustCaddy, this kind of business transformation is already being achieved by customers such as Diesel, which is something we’re extremely proud of.

Trust us, but why not see for yourself?

If you’d like to learn more about this crucial component of the mobile app lifecycle, you can visit the TrustCaddy site to see what’s being monitored, check out our alerts, and follow our performance.

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