Taking Salesforce Mobile to Create an App for Product Ordering

It’s no secret that Salesforce is an extremely powerful platform which can be leveraged by businesses to provide their workforces with the tools for success.

This latest video provides an overview of how, by using MobileCaddy to enhance Salesforce’s existing development capabilities, a robust mobile app for product ordering among communities or employees can be delivered with speed, flexibility, and confidence.



In this demonstration, you’ll see how MobileCaddy’s design principles make the features and functionality of the app simple, yet intuitive, while maintaining a robust connection to the platform to ensure a consistently high level of performance.

The video also exhibits real-time data synchronisation to ensure the app runs effectively without the risk of failure, and no data will ever be lost, a crucial component of MobileCaddy’s offline-first philosophy.

These advantages add up to a solution that simply just works, whenever and wherever it needs to, which then gives businesses the freedom to translate their most important processes or use cases into the context of a mobile app.


When the speed, ease, and affordability of MobileCaddy’s unique offering are added to that equation, the opportunity to use mobility as a key business differentiator becomes a reality.


Did you find this interesting? Read our in-depth customer case study to learn how leading fashion brand Diesel was able to turn a failing Salesforce1 investment around, by adopting MobileCaddy’s comprehensive, performance-focused approach to enterprise mobile apps.

The case study also demonstrates how Diesel was able to push beyond the limitations of Salesforce1, and will educate readers to help avoid common pitfalls, make the right decisions, and prepare them to succeed with their own mobile app projects.



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