September 2017 Digest Digest of all things Salesforce mobile: mobile app PoCs, distribution with containerisation, Salesforce DX and more!

MobileCaddy Monthly Digest – September edition covering mobile application PoCs, Salesforce mobile app distribution with containerisation, Salesforce DX and more!


The early stage of a mobile project… when getting buy-in, proving capabilities, and agreeing on high level approaches all seem to happen at once!

With that in mind, for this month’s digest we highlight best practices to deliver valuable Proof of Concept (PoC) applications. We understand there’s a delicate art to balancing your time, skills, and a long list of items you and your team need to prove out. This is why we’ve included some great tips in our first knowledge share article, followed by an overview of Container Apps which can also be used for that wow factor when delivering PoCs.

Personally, I love that look on someone’s face when presenting a fully working and branded PoC turned round in super quick time!

Enjoy, Justin


Knowledge Share

Sealing buy-in with mobile application PoCs

How cool would it be if your team, your client, or your users could install a demo app on their Android or iOS device, see their own branded icon and login with the Salesforce credentials – then actually interact with a working business process? How do you do this? What should you include? Get the low-down here.

Master your Salesforce mobile app distribution with containerisation

Distributing mobile apps is a common challenge for every business, especially with growing pressure from employees to use their own devices and different operating systems. Containerisation allows familiar web technologies to be used to build apps which can be distributed easily for iOS, Android, and Windows. Here’s all you need to know to get started.


Product Updates

In-app diagnostics, coming to a Starter App near you

Since our Starter Apps are the basis of every MobileCaddy-powered app, we continue to enhance these based on our experiences and the feedback we get from our partners. A recent addition is a diagnostics area, allowing access to a range of tools for use during development through to production.

Embracing Salesforce DX

We love the arrival of DX and Salesforce’s investment in it. As an ISV we see it’s potential to our internal build, test and packaging flow, and we were raring to get involved. As a product company, we’re also eager to bring the opportunities that DX delivers into our partners’ development workflow.

You can learn more about these features and activities in our September MobileCaddy Product Update (blog, video, and podcast). ️


Alerts & Notifications

September 2017 Trust Update

September was another busy month, including not only the eagerly awaited iOS 11 GA release, but also the first appearances of Salesforce Winter ‘18 in pre-release and then sandbox instances. See how we prepared for the OS release in advance, as well as the steps we took in aiding Salesforce to highlight and diagnose a bug found during our daily checks with this quick rundown.


Before you go!

Did you know that MobileCaddy sponsors the recording of the London Salesforce Developer meetups? These videos are an excellent archive of the great talks and presentations, and include Salesforce superstars such as Andrew Fawcett, Dave Carroll, and our very own Mobile CTA, who builds a fully network resilient Salesforce mobile app in just 30 minutes.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read our monthly digest and for joining in the conversation. Do keep the comments and ideas for anything you’d like us to cover in future editions coming!

Justin and The MobileCaddy Team

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