October 2017 Digest Salesforce Mobile App Performance. Even writing it can bring a tear to the eye. Get to the bottom of performance visibility and issue identification.

This Month: Salesforce Mobile App Performance. Even writing it can bring a tear to the eye


Salesforce Mobile App Performance. Even writing it can bring a tear to the eye. We’ve got enough on our plate with the core application functionality, so why do we all get hit constantly with issues around performance?

This month, along with our Trust updates, where we keep a watchful eye on the external environment all our apps operate in, we take a deeper dive into app performance and learn why visibility is the key.

Enjoy, Justin


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How to master mobile app performance visibility and issue identification

There are issues that even the best teams, budgets, and timelines face when developing and deploying custom mobile apps. We hope this practical summary of techniques and approaches will help you gain the upper hand in ensuring the resilience of mobile apps being delivered.


Product Updates

For October, we have another set of feature releases that further drive resilience in working with large data volumes and enhancing app performance when using cross object formula fields.

We also see how our Starter Apps that provide that robust foundations , have been extended to include a tablet specific seed app, complete with all the goodies like in app diagnostics and recovery processes built in!

There’s more info on this, and a host of other new additions, in our monthly product update.


Alerts & Notifications

October 2017 Trust Update ️

Salesforce Winter ‘18 release has dominated topics and discussions over the last month, with it making it’s way onto production orgs. With this release out in the wild though, there’s no rest for the wicked, as we’re already testing iOS 11.1 betas.

Get more info in our October Product Update.


Before you go!

MobileCaddy are proud to have played a part in squashing bugs in the Winter ‘18 release!

Our pre-release testing discovered the bug which led to us working directly with Salesforce’s Global Mobile Specialists to diagnose, saving it from creeping into production. Get the full story here.

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That’s a wrap for our October update. Opening the door to the delivery of enterprise mobile apps that meet or exceed enterprise expectations is a challenge for sure, and maintaining app performance is a tough nut to crack.

We hope this month’s digest has proved helpful on this topic.

Justin and The MobileCaddy Team


PS – Have you seen our latest video uncovering the hows and whys of unit testing?

Well worth a watch – unit testing is one of the bedrocks we build on to guarantee the app performance and resilience we are all aiming for.

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