Oct 2018: MobileCaddy Trust Update


Welcome to our October 2018 MobileCaddy Trust update, designed to keep you up to speed with all the latest mobile OS releases and new versions, cover anything relevant which is new with the Salesforce platform, and offer a look ahead to forthcoming changes or issues which will be important for you to keep an eye on.

OS Releases


iOS 12

iOS 12.1 has been available since mid-September, and there are no reported problems against it. There’s also an iOS 12.1.1 in beta and is likely due for release in the 2nd week of November. This patch release is in our daily QA cycles and at the time of writing requires no updates to MobileCaddy container apps.


Android ‘P’

Android P was released on the 6th August with no issues or updates needed for MobileCaddy applications. The rollout was initially only for the Pixel devices, so we expect to see relatively few instances of Android P in the wild, and as can be seen by this official graphic the Pie doesn’t even register yet (as of Sept 28th), which means usage is < 0.1%


Salesforce Platform


Winter ‘19 is well and truly in the wild now, and has been a fairly friction-less Salesforce release.

Attention now turns to Spring ‘19, with the first pre-release orgs likely to be available in the 2nd week of December, and you can be sure that MobileCaddy will be this release through its paces as soon as we get eyes on it.

Critical Updates

Occasionally there are critical updates (CRUCs) released by Salesforce that may impact the running of MobileCaddy applications. When these are seen we request that partners do not activate them prior to them being “green lighted” by us.

There is currently 1 critical updates of note, that we request are not activated until they’ve been through our QA processes.

  • Remove Instance Names from URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Site.com Studio, and Content Files
    More information can be found in the Spring ‘18 release notes.

Instance Refreshes and Org Migrations

From time-to-time, Salesforce undertakes a maintenance operation called an Instance Refresh. This is performed for various reason, but primarily to maintain good performance. As part of this your org may be moved to a new data center (note this is not an “Org Migration” – yes, silly naming, we know). More information on this, and steps that might be needed, can be found in this Salesforce Help Document.

* Correct at time of writing.

Instance Refreshes

  • Nov 18th – NA7, NA24, NA35, NA43
  • Dec 1st – AP1
  • Jan 19th – EU6
  • Jan 20th – EU1, EU4

Org Migrations

  • Dec 1st – AP9, EU6
  • Dec 2nd – NA38, NA56, NA73, NA76

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