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No matter where in the world your organisation operates it is most likely that a significant proportion of your staff, volunteers and community are ‘mobile’. So why not to match them to a mobile organisation?

We all know that the race for mobile is on, but being able to provide enterprise grade applications that are available anytime, anywhere and on any device is still a hard nut to crack.

This is why we created MobileCaddy. To allow organisations and nonprofits to realise the benefits that bespoke custom applications bring. To know that they are robust and work offline. And all on a budget that opens the possibilities of reduced spend or enhanced functionality.

Data Connection

Many applications are not designed or built to work offline, whether that is for the majority of the time or through sporadic connection. With the MobileCaddy application and framework all apps are built from the ground up as ‘offline first’. This means a seamless experience for the user and most importantly guarantees the integrity of data regardless of the state of the cellular or wifi network

Data Efficiency

When a data connection is available it may not be the fastest or be the most reliable so efficiency is key. MobileCaddy ensures only the application data that needs to be refreshed or updated is sent. Upgrades to the application database or logic are also minimised in terms of data through ‘Dynamic Versioning’ meaning full downloads of applications are minimised.

Devices & Operating Systems

For all organisations the ability to run applications on multiple devices with multiple operating systems is important. For the Nonprofit being able to deploy low cost devices or let volunteers use their own devices is of equal importance. With MobileCaddy enabled apps comes the ability to run on basic phones and tablets as well as multiple operating systems and lower versions.

Security & Management

With devices and users operating over a vast and often unsupported area it is imperative that mobile data is stored within a secure database. MobileCaddy provides default encryption as well as requiring the standard salesforce login credentials. PIN activation & unlocking as well as remote wiping also available. Each user/device combination is defined and can be de-activated at a moments notice.

Benefit from our NONPROFIT PROGRAM

We like to build things people need. And we want everyone to have access to the best possible tools for the job. We also happen to think think that our overall impact could be strengthened through a better understanding of the aspirations and requirements of NPOs as they adopt and use mobile technology to advance their mission.

So, we designed a program - to get you mobile, at little or no expense to your organisation.


NPO Ramp

If an organisation is aligned with MobileCaddy we will work with your program manager to ensure the best product and development strategy for your use case.

We then work within our non profit program budget to ensure we can mobilise your users at the lowest cost.

Source Code

NPO Elevate

This is what our tech team do to give NPOs a head start. We design MobileCaddy demo apps around applications and functionality that can be used within your project.

The code is open sourced and documented meaning that you can take just want you want. This means you can get your apps built and deployed even quicker.

Full Design & Build

NPO Accelerate

The MobileCaddy application and framework has such a wide range of features that it is often a challenge to convey these to organisations.

The NPO Elevate is a selective initiative whereby we supply our package AND build a full application at significantly reduced cost. Meaning a fully offline app for you and an awesome reference case for us.

Mobilise current Apps

NPO Enable

NPOs are already using the hundreds of free apps on the appexchange covering everything from credit/debit card usage, crisis management and volunteer engagement apps.

Our tool enables the ISV providers to mobilise their offerings quickly and robustly. For selected free-to-market apps we will do the the mobilising for them to benefit you.

Strategic Advice

NPO Strategy

With the pressure to mobilise coming from all directions the decision to just start is immense. Strategic fit, design, future enhancements and support are often after thoughts.

We run free-to-attend workshops, webinars and strategic review sessions for executives and program managers specifically focused on nonprofit mobile challenges.

R&D Collaboration

NPO Research

The pace of change is just breathtaking. Not just in technology but in the deliverables. This poses challenges for organisations and those who provide services to them.

We look to work with partners to solve these bigger, less defined problems. Through research and field testing we aim to provide mutually beneficial solutions.

Lucy Platel
So proud to be running these programs!

There has never been an easier or more robust way to get your custom apps working offline on any device, wherever you are. My role is to bring these benefits to your nonprofit organisation by helping you enroll on our NPO program. All of us at MobileCaddy are really excited to be able to offer these partnerships with organisations large and small and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Please contact me directly -

Lucy PlatelNonprofit Success Manager
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