July 2017 Newsletter MobileCaddy monthly digest focused on success with Salesforce mobile apps.


MobileCaddy monthly digest focused on success with Salesforce mobile apps.

Welcome to the new monthly digest from myself and the MobileCaddy team.

Whether we are product owners, analysts, architects, or developers, I think it’s safe to say we’re all seeing the growing demand to deliver more sophisticated Salesforce mobile apps.

The area I’d like to concentrate on this month is balancing that demand with the pressure to ensure the performance of these apps matches, and in many cases actually needs to surpass, what’s expected from browser-based applications.

This is definitely a subject close to my own heart and the focus of the first two articles below.


Knowledge Share

Stopping iOS or Android updates breaking your app

Once we move critical processes off platform and into the hands of our mobile or deskless users, we move into the world of distributed applications running on operating systems that we don’t control. This is a great introduction to why we should be concerned, what to look out for and, even better, how to de-risk to ensure business continuity.

A solid foundation with early non-functional testing

With so many more moving parts involved with mobile applications, having an understanding of what to test, and when, is still a bit of a black art. Beginning a new series of posts, here we take a look at ‘Initial Non-Functional Testing’, how and when it should be completed, and what each set of tests can confirm.


Product Updates

Full support for Windows 10!

(Now with local storage encryption)

Think Surface Books and Surface Pros in the field, allowing input by touch, stylus, and keyboard depending on the task at hand. Another tick in the box for keeping pace with ever-evolving device and OS requirements, with no extra effort.

More data, less calls!

With Sync Engine v4 now available, you can easily scale to 100k records per table. We still advise you follow the Goldilocks principle with the data – just the right amount to comply with the requirements. However, for larger data sets such as product catalogues, stock information, etc., this now becomes a breeze to mobilise. See this, plus our team’s featured product updates here.


Alerts & Updates

The MobileCaddy Trust site provides availability, reliability, and performance information for mobile apps running on the Salesforce platform. Updates to watch out for in the coming months are several Salesforce instance refreshes, plus the releases of iOS 11 and Android O.

You can view all of these and more by visiting the MobileCaddy Trust site, or sign up for real-time alerts by emailing alerts@mobilecaddy.net.


Before you go!

Finally, it’s a pleasure to announce our latest nonprofit project with StreetLink. A custom mobile app which will enable members of the public (using Community Cloud) to connect rough sleepers with available support services, directly from their phone, with or without a connection. ❤️

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As always, we’re here to provide the level of support you’ve become accustomed to. Please do feel free to contact myself or the team directly. I look forward to speaking soon!

Justin and The MobileCaddy Team


PS – Ever seen “Browser Dev Tool Debugging like a Unicorn-Ninja-Cat-Rockstar”? Then watch our Chief Mobile Technical Architect compress a ridiculous amount of dev tips into a single talk at the London’s Calling Salesforce community event.

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