Demo of Custom UI and Fully Offline Data for Mobile Apps

Emulator running Health Tracking AppThrough our Non Profit program we often build prototypes to allow organisations to understand what they can achieve when they couple the power of with MobileCaddy.

One of the recent proof of concepts has been taken forward by our team here to show a variety of features and benefits MobileCaddy brings to organisations. And these can be aligned to the challenges of mobilising from enterprise’s perspective (see my post here)

We’ve put together a short video which shows the work we have completed so far.

To put the video into context the application is to track the welfare of children who are visited by health workers. They measure all types of data but for the purposes of this proof we choose height, weight, report date and a calculated BMI (body mass index).

To start the video we give a quick overview of the UI view of the application which shows us the list of children where we dig into the detail record. We then switch to the app running in an emulator and start to show the app’s UI, along with how various data interactions (with the app both in ‘offline’ and ‘online’ states)

Key Takeaways

This demo covers a lot of ground but the key takeaways:

  • Any UI can be created to match any branding or any interaction process required.

  • Offline capability is baked right in to all MobileCaddy apps with no extra work

  • Active monitoring and alerts for all mobile app to platform interactions

  • Charting can be used to show large and complex data in a simple UI

  • Emulators allow developers and organisations to ensure apps are tested for UI, UX and offline behaviour with ease.

The most surprising though is the amount of time to build this from a developers time perspective. A single web developer took less than 2 days effort to get to this state. And this app as you see it runs immediately on both iOS and Android devices.

Of course there are still things to finish and add, but we hope this gives all organisations a good idea of what can be achieved with very low cost.

If you would like to learn more please click below to arrange a demo and lets get you started building and, most importantly, deploying fully offline, robust mobile apps!

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