Creating Mobile Solutions in a Flash with the West London Salesforce1 User Group

MeetupLogoThe Salesforce Success Community allows people of every level to engage with others working with, or for, Salesforce. Alongside the online forums and resources there are now over 200 User Groups around the world where Salesforce admins, developers and users not satisfied with the 9 – 5 can meet and discuss the basics, the latest updates and the endless applications of Salesforce.

We’re excited to be presenting at the first meetup of the West London Salesforce1 Users and Developers Group next Wednesday 21st January, which will take place in the Club Workspace at the Barley Mow Centre in Chiswick, London. The theme of this meet is Creating Mobile Solutions in a Flash, and we’re looking forward to hearing the group’s views on Enterprise Mobility, and listening to the hopes and fears Salesforce users have when it comes to ‘going mobile’ and the projects being undertaken by fellow developers, admins and users.

After an introduction to the group by David Fontaine (CEO of Creation Technology Solutions, also based in Chiswick), who like us at MobileCaddy is a lover of all things mobile, there will be a talk from Developer Evangelist Peter Chittum on the Salesforce Lightning Builder.

After Peter’s talk, our CEO Justin Halfpenny will be presenting the MobileCaddy platform to the group, with the aim of highlighting that whilst ‘going mobile’ is compulsory for all organisations, there is more than one way of building a Salesforce mobile app. Using various case studies, Justin will demonstrate why it is important not just to think about the functionality of the app itself but how it functions after deployment such as loss of data connection, different devices and operating system upgrades. This concept is at the heart of MobileCaddy

Sign up for the meeting using this link. We hope to see you there!


If you fancy digging deeper into offline mobile apps for salesforce and how to ensure these apps keep running today, tomorrow and for future enhancements sign up for a demo using the form below.

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