MobileCaddy Continues to Support StreetLink in the Fight Against Homelessness


We’re delighted to announce one of our social enterprise clients, StreetLink, has recently made the decision to renew its agreement with MobileCaddy for a second time, taking us into the third consecutive year of our exciting partnership together.

StreetLink is an organisation operating in England and Wales that allows members of the public to alert local authorities and services to people sleeping rough in their area, either by mobile app, phone, or on the web.

Matt Harrison, Director of StreetLink, explained, “Homelessness is one of the greatest challenges facing our society today but it is solvable, and we have the knowledge and skills to end it. The number of people sleeping rough in England has increased 165% since 2010, but it is possible to bring it to an end. Rough sleeping is dangerous and life-threatening.

“Through StreetLink, information about people who are rough sleeping is collected and distributed quickly, meaning services are better able to respond. This is not least because they can find people more quickly to offer them support.”

Thankfully, the use of StreetLink has also been growing steadily alongside the number of people sleeping rough. Traction of the mobile app in particular has been very strong over the last two years, as the usability and capabilities have improved significantly, with over 160,000 users registered for the service, nearing 60,000 on the mobile app.

When asked about the continuation of the partnership between StreetLink and MobileCaddy, which has gone from strength to strength, Matt added, “All partnership working is based on shared value and good communication, but working with an ISV partner like MobileCaddy adds in another dimension.”

In this third year of collaboration, the StreetLink mobile app will continue to grow and evolve, primarily to accommodate larger numbers of users, as well as incorporating user feedback to further drive adoption and improve ease of use.

Regarding the partnership, our CEO Justin Halfpenny commented, “As the reliance here is on the public to do the reporting of rough sleepers, creating seamless digital experiences in the channels that are natural, familiar, and friction-free for those people to use will vastly improve the rate and quality of their reporting, and the likelihood of them using StreetLink more than once.

“So, it’s our responsibility to ensure the app is as simple and fast to use as possible, and to continuously improve it. Also, support is another crucial aspect of our partnership, with such a large volume of people using the app in remote locations to notify local authorities of rough sleepers. If the app fails, it could be the difference between life and death. So MobileCaddy works with StreetLink closely to ensure their extremely high levels of traffic are managed and any issues are resolved quickly.”

In addition to this continuation of our partnership, we’re also very excited to see StreetLink discuss how Salesforce technologies have helped them in their efforts to end rough sleeping, at the sold out Salesforce World Tour London, at the ExCel Centre on Thursday, May 23. If you’re attending the event, be sure to catch this session to learn more about how MobileCaddy supports StreetLink to make a different with its mobile app.

If you see someone sleeping rough in your local area, tell StreetLink. You can visit, download the free mobile app for Apple and Android, or call 0300 500 0914.


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