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If your job is to deliver enterprise mobility, our job is to make sure you succeed.

There is so much to gain from mobile. Which inevitably means there is so much to lose. You need a solution that allows you to rapidly design and build applications that are robust, highly fault tolerant, and can be enhanced easily and quickly to take advantage of changing technologies and business opportunities. MobileCaddy has been built from the ground up to work hand in hand with the platform to allow you to deliver on the promise of mobile.

Deliver the full application lifecycle

Because you're not just building an app - You're building an advantage


The only complete mobile application lifecycle solution for

Enterprise mobility is not just about delivering one app. Or even one version of an app. It is about building a capability to transform your organisation. With MobileCaddy your organisation immediately moves to the delivery phase. Every app you build will inherit all the attributes that a business critical application requires along with the support processes to ensure success not just for today, but also for managing tomorrow and then enhancing in the future.

Deliver apps that exceed expectations

The enterprise spec you've been waiting for


From the outset every application is built for mobile devices and every user is expected to be 'mobile'. To be in any location, worldwide.

To expect multiple devices, multiple OSs and multiple form factors.

No Connection is assumed at all times. Application data interactions are always stored with a local device data store first.

All required logic/application code is stored and run locally.

With so many combinations of connection, transmission and device failures a holistic approach is required.

All potential failure points & routes are identified and then handled gracefully without loss of data or UX interruptions.

Each transmitted byte is sacred and carries cost. Cost in monetary terms and cost in increasing failure.

Efficiency must be prioritised (but not at the cost of robustness) to ensure application data & upgrades are reduced to a minimum.
Secure data is not optional. Data is stored locally in an encrypted local store using the salesforce mobile SDK smartstore.

All transmitted data is via the secure salesforce APIs. Application logins are via salesforce oAuth and normal platform login/passwords.

MORE(s) Design™ ensures every app you build works whenever, wherever, whatever.

These demanding but fundamental requirements are built into every MobileCaddy application you create with no extra cost or effort. The combination of this specification means every app you develop with MobileCaddy will live up to the most demanding of expectations. Offline is not optional and the enterprise is just starting learn that this is the case. Full robustness however is another level, but this is what is required for business critical applications. MobileCaddy is built to deliver, not just offline, but 100% mobile app uptime.

Deliver with speed

Measure development time in days not weeks

Deliver at speed

Point & Click Data Mobilisation

Fully synchronised offline data in minutes

Custom User Interfaces

Use the best & latest front-end frameworks

iOS and Android

Prebuilt Device Apps. No coding required

Robust, fully offline applications, built at a speed that will amaze your organisation

The platform has shown us that applications can be built and deployed in the browser at an unbelievable speed. It is now time to deliver the same for fully offline, robust mobile applications. With MobileCaddy a fully operational, fully offline capable shell application can be built in under an hour. Mobilising fully synchronised data is then deployable just as quickly. The development environment has been focused on speed (with all the robust goodness just baked in). Finally a few clicks to deploy and you have your robust app in the field on iOS or Android phones and tablets.

Deliver continuously

Seamlessly version & enhance your applications

Version Control

Continuously develop and enhance your applications

The requirements never stop coming. The technologies never stop evolving. And the expectations for us to deliver continue to climb. No serious application lifecycle platform would not include versioning and version control. MobileCaddy takes this to a new level with every component versionable. So you get 'click to version'. Not just the application but the underlying engines, such as the sync and caching systems are built from the ground up to be continually developed ready for the next iteration of your application without any work or disruption to existing apps or versions.

Deliver with control

Targeted dynamic deployment & management

Dynamic Deployment

Deploy a specific app version to any user or any device.

Now that you have 'click to version' we want to take this to the next logical step through 'click to deploy'. And of course we want this to be targeted deployment by user, device or profile. But to keep to our design criteria this versioning also needs to be efficient. So not only do we target the version upgrades but we also 'hot swap' the versionable components (we call this 'dynamic versioning'). Complete deployment control with efficient, targeted, component level versioning. There is nothing better.

Deliver with confidence

Monitoring & fault handling for every interaction


Only the paranoid apps survive.

If it can fail, well, we all know how this goes. There is no room for complacency when considering mobile app uptime. And app outage is not an option. Our apps are deployed into a wild west of an environment. We possibly have a limited amount of control over the devices and the logic, but that is where it ends. The only way to counter this is to expect failure and handle. To monitor, to record, and to put us back in control. MobileCaddy is all about fault tolerance. And we monitor everything, but importantly filter out all but the information that will increase our mobile app uptime.

Deliver with your team or partners

Retain control of your development whilst using the best team

Build yourself

If you have your own in-house development team, they will be up & running and pushing out apps before you know it.

With standard web technologies required to develop apps, and salesforce admin skills to deploy you can control and manage the whole lifecycle.

Build with your partners

It is now even easier to utilise the strength of your existing implementation and technical partners.

Guide the process and retain control of deployment and sign off's. The overall app control will be in your hands and ready for new or existing partners to take on the next phase.

Build with our partners

With so many enterprise mobile projects due to be started new partners will help to keep pace.

If you are new to mobile app development or need to strengthen your partner capabilities please contact us for partner recommendations.

Flexible build options means you can choose the right team for the job

Each organisation and each application is varied. Not only does MobileCaddy allow front-end technologies to be chosen, changed and updated with each application and subsequent version, but the same principles apply to development resourcing choices. Whether you have your own internal team, trusted consultants, or need new capabilities, you now have every option available on an app by app, version by version basis. Development and management just got a whole lot easier.

Deliver with peace of mind

A proven solution with a partner and technology you trust

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