A Year of MobileCaddy Trust, a Lifetime of Mobile App Success

They say trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Strangely, though, many modern-day professionals fail to recognise that also rings true with the relationship between a technology solution provider and a client or partner.

When delivering an application with Salesforce which will support a process or workflow critical to a business, the trust and confidence in knowing that app will be able to do its job, and perform to the required enterprise-grade level, is absolutely imperative. That may sound obvious, but in truly critical situations, if the app stops, so does the business – and that’s simply not an option.

Support beyond app deployment 

The problem most often arises from an insufficient approach to mobility, and a lack of understanding regarding the fundamental differences between a mobile application built on the Salesforce platform, and a traditional browser-based application.


Once development is complete and the mobile app is deployed to a workforce within a business, unlike a desktop app, that’s when the real hard work starts, as well as where the most catastrophic pitfalls can be found.

When it comes to IT spending, as much as 71% reportedly goes on maintenance and routine upgrades. In addition to this, many applications have been known to fail within the first 12 months of going live for a variety of reasons. This is due to challenges with the sheer nature of being ‘mobile’, and the volatile environment many enterprise mobile apps will be expected to operate in.

Happy birthday, MobileCaddy Trust

For these reasons, it’s crucial to ensure that any app within a business is supported by the necessary monitoring, maintenance, and management tools, offering the best possible chance of maintaining performance and removing the risk of failure.

For any business or consultancy building its apps with MobileCaddy, an inherent benefit is the in-built MobileCaddy Trust system, which provides a comprehensive set of support tools designed specifically to remove the pain and cost of supporting apps post-deployment.

The MobileCaddy Trust site was launched just over one year ago now, towards the end of March 2016. Since then, it has allowed us to instil absolute confidence in our fast-growing network of enterprise customers and strategic Salesforce partners, in many different ways:

  • Monitoring – Continuous monitoring of the platform and all apps in production, including daily insights, granular platform metrics, and detailed reporting
  • Alerts – Published alerts for any issues which may affect any users, as well as notes to help resolve or troubleshoot specific problems
  • Pre-Release Testing – Regular testing for possible changes due to planned OS updates, additions or updates to the Salesforce Mobile SDK, and any other necessary checks which may affect the performance or security of our apps
  • Notifications – Important information and posts regarding any relevant announcements, releases, updates, and much more
  • Security – Documentation regarding necessary app security, including the Salesforce security model, user permissions, network communication, and encrypted local data storage, among other areas.

The bigger picture

So what does this all mean, really? Enterprise mobile apps simply have to work, all the time, regardless of location, device, connectivity, or any other variable which may come into play for a deskless worker. If a business critical mobile app stops an employee from doing their job, that app has become more damaging to the organisation than having a time-consuming paper-based process in place ever could.

This is exactly why MobileCaddy Trust was built, to provide an extra safety net underneath the safety net for all our partners’ and clients’ mobile apps, because post-deployment support and app performance really are that important.

What next?

To see these various systems in action, or to learn more about the role support plays in maintaining the confidence in our wider comprehensive mobile solution, visit the Trust site and take a look around!

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