Strategic Mobile Decisions: Countdown to the Salesforce World Tour, Part 3

rsz_dieselplaceitupgradeAs we continue to answer some of the market’s burning questions regarding enterprise applications and digital transformation, ahead of the Salesforce World Tour event this week, our attention has turned internally to find out how MobileCaddy is best suited to help businesses progress on their mobile journeys.

Following his recent prediction of what major trend will have the biggest impact on the mobile app market in the coming year or so, we asked our Senior Product Manager Alan Faubel what MobileCaddy clients and partners feel are the most valuable aspects of working with us.

There are a number of unique reasons why MobileCaddy is capable of helping businesses take that leap to achieving true transformational mobility, but Alan singled out a particular strategic driver, beyond some of the more obvious features.

“When we’ve spoken to people who are familiar with MobileCaddy, and have seen the benefits of things like our custom UI and offline-first capabilities, the thing that they start to say is most important – once they’ve been involved in a MobileCaddy project – is the versioning of their apps,” said Alan.

“Even if it’s during the development phase,” he continued, “this is the key, and is the thing which really stands out to these decision makers. The reason is because business changes; whether it’s for internal reasons, to stay ahead of competition, because the market is changing, because of new legislation, or even when a new manager who has a different way of doing things comes in – business changes.

Of course, it’s inevitable that the only way a business can stay successful is to change. So if you’ve got a mobile application which is supporting a key part of your business process which you consider mission critical, and isn’t agile or can’t respond quickly to change, it won’t drive your business forward, it will hold your business back. So that, fundamentally, is the most important thing. It’s great to have custom UX, and an app which is offline-first, but the one thing you really can’t afford to miss from a strategic point of view is agility.”

Alan also urged business leaders to understand that they must look beyond today’s decisions to tomorrow’s challenges, because they’re bound to be pulled in many of different directions, and in order to keep up with this pace, they need to be sure that their mobile technology choices can support them in doing so.

“That’s really fundamentally where MobileCaddy stands ahead of the pack, because versioning is built in from the ground up as part of its core DNA, that’s what it does more than everything else,” Alan said. “Now, because everything is versionable, it gives you the ability to react to the small superficial changes as well as the larger business changes; if you can’t do that with your mobile app you haven’t made a smart strategic decision for your business.

Speaking to the clients that we’ve worked with, and are working with, that’s always one of the things they value the most about working with MobileCaddy, because it gets them to the point where business decisions are not bound by technology. Now you can spend your time thinking about what’s best for your business because the technology can, and will, respond very quickly to help you achieve your goals.”


Alan is Senior Product Manager at MobileCaddy. With over 20 years experience of IT technical consulting, Alan has worked with a broad range of technologies and industries around the world. His first foray into mobile computing was with the launch of an offline palmtop PC application, which was rolled out across the UK for ICI. Much more recently he has been responsible for delivering custom offline-first applications on the MobileCaddy platform.


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