September 2017: MobileCaddy Updates for Your Salesforce Mobile Apps


In our latest monthly product update for customers and partners, we’ve concentrated on some of the ways in which the MobileCaddy Application Delivery Framework has improved to enhance the experience of building, operating, and supporting mobile apps on the Salesforce platform.

Once again, this discussion includes Paul, our CTO, Todd, our Chief Mobile Technical Architect, and Frank, our Lead Product Engineer. As always we cover the most exciting new additions to the MobileCaddy framework in the past few weeks

So what’s new with MobileCaddy this month?

In September, we’re proud to introduce a number of new features which will help clients and partners improve their delivery of Salesforce mobile apps. Here’s what we’ve picked out this month to focus on:

Documentation New – Sandbox Refresh

Unlike full-refreshes of sandbox instances, partial refreshes don’t pull in all of the components – such as documents, even from managed packages.

This new documentation covers the steps to re-populate these documents, as if been pulled through during an installation.

Documentation New – Offline Relationships

With offline-first environments relationships between objects can be tough, and even more so when dealing with scenarios were both parent and child records, for example, are both created offline.

MobileCaddy hides the complexity of this to developers once some configuration is in place. This article covers these lookup relationships and the configuration needed.

Documentation New – Local Assets

Using images within your applications is common-place, but can cause complications in the scenario where the assets are served from a Salesforce Static Resource. This guide covers how the referencing of the assets can be achieved.

Documentation New – Importing Dynamic Versions to an Existing Mobile App

Paul explains the changes MobileCaddy are bringing in to this import process, to cover the complexity our partners and clients are including in their apps, including how the process overcomes some Salesforce limits.

MC Tooling and Utils – New Support for Salesforce DX

Todd and Paul chat through how MobileCaddy are continuing their exploration of the much-hyped Salesforce DX. We’re excited to see how SFDX can not only aid us as an ISV, but also where it can be leveraged by our partners. Expext to hear more on this in the future as SFDX continues to evolve.

QA – Salesforce Winter ’18 Pre-release Test Results and Fixes

“The hype for the Winter ’18 Salesforce release is clear, but as soon as these come into pre-release orgs our QA team brings these into play.

Frank chats through an issue that we saw with Summer ’17, and how this re-appeared in Winter ’18. He covers our steps and how we came to work with Salesforce to get this fixed.”

Platform – Upgrading MobileCaddy Components

The components that make up the MobileCaddy package are internally all versioned, to allow for robust backwards compatibiltity whilst ensuring flexible deployments of new features and fixes. In the latest release we include an improvement to our Dynamic Version “clone” process to aid the correct picking of compatible MobileCaddy components to be used.

Genesis – MobileCaddy Dependency and Compability Updates

An initial overview of our internal Genesis project that supports us when enforcing compatibility between the various components that are used within MobileCaddy applications.

CodeFlow – New Deployment Service with Dependency Check

Our 1-click deploy process is much loved, and here Todd covers how we’ve updated this to facilitate further dependency checking and how it can take adavantage of the Genesis project to make sure each update of an application is using the latest and greatest MobileCaddy package and libraries.

Container Apps – Testing and Update of Oreo and iOS 11

It’s been a busy month for updates! As well as the Salesforce Winter 18 , we have Oreo, the latest Android operating system, Android 8, which has been released on the 21st August and Apple’s just announced that iOS 11 is due on the 19th September. Thanks to our crack QA team and their Enviroment Managment process we’re seeing green ticks across the boared so you can be confident that the latest OS is going to run on your device without any issues.

MC Resource / Utilility Libary – Updates and Bug Fixes

A relatively unknown feature of the MobileCaddy API is the dirtyFlag that is available that identifies records that haven’t yet been synchronised with the platform.

There was a bug ticket opened by one of our partners, and the latest update fixes this.

Starter App – Enhancements to In-App Recovery

The Starter Apps have proven to be incredibly useful when starting projects and getting Proof of Concepts out in rapid time.

Updates to these apps this month include the addition of In-App Diagnostics and 2FA security on the existing In-App Recovery sections of our shell and starter apps.

Final Thoughts

We’ve already seen these monthly updates having a positive impact on the work our clients and partners are doing. As a result, we’ll keep striving to push the boundaries of what our platform can allow you to achieve with your Salesforce mobile apps.

Keep the feedback coming in, and if there’s anything specific you’d like to see added to the MobileCaddy ADF in the coming weeks or months then we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team or you can always drop us a line on Twitter!

Interested in learning more? Listen to the full session below

Also available on Youtube


0:48 – Documentation New – Sandbox Refresh

5:38 – Documentation New – Offline Relationships

10:05 – Documentation New – Local Assets

11:54 – Documentation New – Importing Dynamic Versions to an existing Mobile App

20:40 – MC Tooling and Utils – New Support for Salesforce DX

23:57 – QA – Salesforce Winter ’18 Pre-release Test Results and Fixes

28:40 – Platform – Upgrading MobileCaddy Components

36:11 – Genesis – MobileCaddy Dependency and Compability Updates

39:52 – CodeFlow – New Deployment Service with Dependency Check

43:54 – Container Apps – Testing and Update of Oreo and iOS 11

47:27 – MC Resource / Utilility Libary – Updates and Bug Fixes

53:55 – Starter App – Enhancements to In-app Recovery

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