Sept 2017: MobileCaddy Trust Update

Welcome to our September 2017 MobileCaddy Trust update, designed to keep you up to speed with all the latest mobile OS releases and new versions, cover anything relevant which is new with the Salesforce platform, and offer a look ahead to forthcoming changes or issues which will be important for you to keep an eye on.

OS Releases


iOS 11

The much awaited iOS 11 was released on the 19th September. This release was tested by us, against Salesforce, from the very first beta, right through to Developer Beta 10 in our daily test runs.

Adoption rate was initially pretty good but down slightly on ios 10, with almost 15% of users jumping on in the first two days.

There should be no need to update container apps for this release.


Android Oreo (‘O’)

Android Oreo (‘O’) was was announced on the August 21. Since the release there have been no further patches, though when they do come along they’ll enter our QA cycle. There should be no need to update container apps for the 8.0 release.

Salesforce Platform


Winter ‘18 began to make appearances on existing sandbox instances around the 8th September.

A previous issue with Winter ‘18 and iOS that was found by MobileCaddy was escalated to Salesforce through our ISV team. Further discussions were had with senior Salesforce engineers, and these resulted in a Salesforce patch being applied to pre-release orgs on the 12th September. We re-ran our daily tests following the patch and can confirm this

There is a new open issue with Winter ‘18 preview and sandbox instances affecting Android devices affecting community licenses. This is being monitored and we have fixes for container apps currently within QA.

Timings for Winter ‘18 can be seen in this graphic, released by Salesforce.


Instance Refreshes

From time-to-time Salesforce undertakes a maintenance operation called an Instance Refresh. This is performed for various reasons, but primarily to maintain good performance. As part of this, your org may be moved to a new data centre. More information on this, and steps that might be needed, can be found in this Salesforce Help Document.

* Correct at time of writing.

  • October 21 – NA32, CS13, CS30, CS50, CS51
  • November 18 – CS9, CS10, CS11, CS70, CS71
  • November 19 – NA40, NA51, NA52
  • December 2 – NA54, NA55, CS7, CS53, CS54
  • December 3 – NA47, NA63

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