The Salesforce Partner Awards 2016: Most Innovative Mobile Solution

Salesforce-most-innovative-mobile-solutionIt’s with great pleasure that MobileCaddy can announce the receipt of a first major award for one of its enterprise apps, delivered with strategic partner Appirio, as they were given the honour of 2016’s ‘Most Innovative Mobile Solution’, as part of the annual UK and Ireland Salesforce Partner Awards.

These awards are designed to recognise outstanding contributions made by Salesforce Consulting and ISV Partners. Awards are based on customer success stories that showcase innovation across specific categories.

Appirio was presented with the award at this year’s event for a mobile app called the Tour Operations Portal (TOPS), powered by MobileCaddy and created for The Travel Coproration, Ltd. (TTC).

Alex Makepeace, Solution Architect for Appirio, said, “We’re very happy to have won the award for this innovative mobile solution, for the TOPS project at TTC in 2016, and are extremely grateful to MobileCaddy for their vital and fundamental contributions to the project.”

Having enlisted the help of Appirio and MobileCaddy for the TOPS app, TTC has since become a mobile leader in the travel and tourism sector upon successful completion of the project.

The completely customised, fully offline-capable tablet app allows TTC’s internationally distributed freelance tour directors to simultaneously manage the entire holiday experience of large groups of customers.

The development of this app was a natural next step, following significant investment in the Salesforce platform, to streamline the organisation’s most critical business processes as a means to gaining a competitive edge in their global marketplace.


Key Drivers of the Mobile App Project

In order to achieve the goals the TTC leadership set for the app, to contribute to the digital transformation of the business, the mobile app project had a number of very specific, complex requirements:

  1. The app needed to be simple to use, but powerful enough to support the workflows of the tour directors in remote global locations, providing deep insights into customer and operational data directly from the Salesforce platform.
  2. The app had to be designed to function on a wide variety of devices and a range of OS versions, while being fully capable of offline-first performance.
  3. The app’s development needed to be flexible, so that future improvements could be easily implemented and delivered with agility, to minimise disruption for the end users.
  4. Most importantly, the TOPS app had to provide an intuitive user interface to drive rapid adoption among the global workforce of 750 tour directors, delivering the required business value with as little friction as possible.

An Award-Winning Partnership

Aside from the previously mentioned specifications, there were a number of key reasons why MobileCaddy was chosen as Appirio’s development partner for the delivery of this exciting, ambitious project.


Our team managed to produce a working proof of concept which was built and demonstrated to the TTC and Appirio leadership, in just two days, thanks to the rapid development principles which MobileCaddy is based upon.

Additionally, a fundamental requirement of the app was that it would be simple to upgrade whenever necessary moving forward. MobileCaddy’s full lifecycle support and powerful versioning engine were crucial to this aspect of the project’s success from Appirio’s point of view.

Perhaps most importantly, though, was that MobileCaddy was the only solution capable helping Appirio salvage its customer’s investment from a commercial point of view, following a previously failed mobile app project TTC had embarked on with a different solution provider. The speed, affordability, and comprehensive approach MobileCaddy can offer its partners and customers alike revived the TTC leadership’s faith in their technology choices, and gave them complete trust in the app the solution would deliver.

A New Frontier for Business 

From TTC’s point of view the project has been a great success, instantly achieving the kind of business value which was being sought after. The app itself has completely eliminated laborious paper and spreadsheet-based processes upon which the tour directors previously depended on to do their jobs, and has also drastically lowered the capital expenditure across the wider business.

Calvin Goodenough, a consultant for TTC on the project, added, “It was an immense pleasure working with the Appirio and MobileCaddy teams on the project. Not only has the TOPS app grown and evolved into something better than we had dreamed, but we too have learned new ways of thinking and working, thanks to our excellent, professional, and dedicated partners.”

Read the full interview with Calvin: Delivering Outstanding Salesforce Mobile Apps with MobileCaddy

This recognition provides further justification to MobileCaddy’s belief that a unique, full lifecycle approach to the Salesforce platform makes it easier for businesses to solve significant challenges, while maintaining both affordable and reliable delivery of high quality mobile app performance.

“We’ve been seeing more and more organisations like TTC seeking solutions which are capable of delivering mobile apps to support their most critical business processes, without any risk of failure, in the simplest and most convenient way possible,” said Justin Halfpenny, CEO, MobileCaddy. 

“This is what we achieved with the TOPS app. Seeing Appirio receiving a Salesforce Partner Award for this innovative mobile solution is fantastic, because we feel we’re able to offer something a little different from anyone else in the market at the moment, and this suggests that may be right.”


With Gartner predicting that 75% of application purchases supporting digital business will to be ‘build not buy’ by 2020, custom mobile apps represent a huge opportunity for Salesforce consultancies and their clients.

If you’re facing challenges with a mobile app project, if you’re currently exploring ways to get more out of the Salesforce platform, or if you want to learn more about how MobileCaddy’s unique mobile solution can help transform your business, request a personal evaluation today.


Appirio is a global services company that helps customers create next-generation worker and customer experiences using the latest cloud technologies. Appirio delivers unmatched customer value by creating actionable strategies that deliver results quickly and help organisations adapt to a new experience-driven era. Appirio has been a strategic partner of Salesforce since 2006, and has been involved with some of its largest and high profile customers. For more information, visit the Appirio website.


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