What are the 15 Steps to Success with Salesforce Mobile Apps?

Salesforce-Mobile-App-SuccessMobile apps are currently one of the most powerful ways in which a business can differentiate itself from competitors, increase revenue, and achieve transformational gains in areas such as productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

With today’s current mobile technology, organisations are able to build apps customised to their employees’ most specific requirements, and take the ability to work quickly and accurately far beyond the restrictions of a traditional office.

But if an enterprise mobile app is so effective, then why aren’t more businesses investing in these solutions? Well, there are significant challenges, potential pitfalls, and certain risks which are still holding them back. As a result, we’ve put together 15 useful tips to help businesses leverage the Salesforce platform to build successful mobile applications.

Simple Steps to Success

The opportunities available to senior decision makers who have the vision to think in the long-term are too great to ignore. And the key to launching a mobile app project destined to succeed is to follow the process from start to finish like a clearly mapped out journey.

Our latest eBook, Salesforce Mobile Apps: 15 Tips for Success, walks readers through this journey from start to finish, offering actionable advice for the most important steps along the way.

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Understanding the App Lifecycle

We believe that no enterprise should consider developing mobile apps for its employees without a clear strategy, and a thorough understanding of what the app itself must deliver once it’s deployed to the workforce. critical_app_lifecycle_systems Of course, mobile app success is equally dependent on the work which is put in after the deployment. The IT department, the business leaders, and the end users must align their interests to allow the app to naturally evolve, learn from mistakes, and begin to deliver true value to justify the investment. To help educate the wider market on the more intimate details of this complex process, we’ve put together these guidelines for succeeding with mobile technology.

If in Doubt: Ask the Experts

This insider knowledge is drawn from our expert team of both technically and commercially-focused mobile professionals, consisting of extensive experience working with customers to harness the power of transformational mobile apps. The eBook will also help readers find the right strategic solutions to plan and implement a mobile app project successfully, and overcome their most prominent challenges.

By reading, Salesforce Mobile Apps: 15 Tips for Success, you’ll gain:

  • Knowledge of how to effectively plan, design, and build a mobile app which will enhance the business processes within your organisation
  •  Advice for deploying, managing, and monitoring the app to perform well among your workforce
  • Steps to make important improvements to the app, based on the needs of its users, and updating the solution to deliver true value to the business



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