Salesforce London’s Calling 2017: A MobileCaddy Preview

London's Calling 2017Another year brings another slate of events, conferences, meet-ups, and networking opportunities to attend within the living, breathing, ever-growing Salesforce community.

Boasting the title of Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals, London’s Calling 2017 will be the perfect way for anyone working with Salesforce in the UK to expand their knowledge and learn exciting new ways to get the most out of the technology.

MobileCaddy’s own Todd Halfpenny has just been proudly named one of the Top 25 people to meet at the event by Salesforce consultant Phil Walton, and will be giving a presentation on browser developer tools at the event, which takes place this Friday, 10 February.

With more and more of the partners, consultancies, and Salesforce customers we work with embracing the value of using the Salesforce platform to mobilise their employees and their operations, we wanted to take the opportunity to preview London’s Calling with a mobile-centric twist. Here’s what to expect for anyone who’ll be attending…

Mobile is yet to steal the spotlight at London’s Calling

Last year, Todd gave a presentation entitled ‘Only the Paranoid Apps Survive’. This was, essentially, an introduction to using the Salesforce platform to build mobile apps with the right approach to ensure they can support processes critical to any business.

While this was a fairly unfamiliar concept to many attendees, this is the philosophy upon which MobileCaddy was built, and it was certainly an eye-opener for many of the people we spoke to during and after last year’s event. Over the past 12 months, we’ve been working closely with leading partners and end users in delivering apps of this nature, in that exact way.

It’s been extremely encouraging to see people realise the true power of mobile once they have the required understanding in place, and we’re looking forward to seeing even more Salesforce professionals beginning to show interest at London’s Calling 2017.

Salesforce1 meets the Avengers: A fun way of understanding App Cloud Mobile integrations

One speaker slot we’re very intrigued by will be taken up by Salesforce MVP Gaurav Kheterpal, focusing on building mobile integrations on the Salesforce App Cloud.

This session is set to use the open source ‘Marvelforce’ project as a working example to demonstrate Salesforce REST API integration, and will use comic avatars, iconic texts, and events from the Marvel REST API to make Salesforce users superheroes.

This will be a fun way for attendees to learn how to develop simple native and hybrid apps, and integrate them with the Marvel API to ‘comicify’ their objects, and deep link it to a Salesforce1 Mobile App.

With a limited offering of mobile-focused content at this year’s event, this demonstration will surely highlight some of the possibilities the Salesforce App Cloud has to offer that many won’t have come across before.

Browser dev tool debugging like a unicorn-ninja-cat-rockstar

Todd will be presenting for the second year running, this time providing the audience with tips and tricks for making the most of a browser’s developer tools.

A far more technical presentation than last year’s, Todd will be showing attendees how to get these tools working and use them to their full potential. This will include coverage of different dev-tool tabs (Network, Source, etc.) and explore often unknown features, such as conditional breakpoints and snippets.

London's Calling 2017

With JavaScript becoming a more prominent part of a developer’s day, understanding these tools will be a huge benefit. Todd will also dive into how this can be applied for those working on mobile applications, as we do here every day at MobileCaddy.

Key questions and trends regarding Salesforce mobile apps

Salesforce1 apps are the common starting point for businesses looking to use Salesforce to go mobile, but this technology does have its limitations, and once these are met it quickly becomes clear that Salesforce1 is more of a first step than a final destination. The need to move beyond comes when apps are required to provide anything more to business users than just improvements in ‘basic productivity’ functions. In these cases, business leaders will find far more value from apps which have been built with their own individual needs in mind from the very beginning.

But this shouldn’t discourage anyone from embracing mobile. Just last year, Salesforce was named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms. What this means is that anyone using the Salesforce platform to mobilise their employees’ workflows can do so with the confidence that the tools available to them are market-leading, designed to make success achievable for any customer or partner, so long as the right expertise are in place to do so.

For those who’ll be heading over to London’s Calling this year, MobileCaddy CEO Justin Halfpenny will be in attendance, keen to speak to anyone working with Salesforce mobile apps now, or with plans to in the future. Regarding his expectations of what’s sure to be a great event, Justin said, “Towards the end of 2016 moving into 2017, we’ve seen organisations far less accepting of simple form-based, or out-of-the-box mobile apps, both from a business perspective and a user experience perspective. This has encouraged far more focus and use of resources on finding the right solution, and designing the right app, from the Salesforce partners and consultancies delivering mobile for these companies. The fact is, those basic apps simply don’t deliver the value that’s now required by these businesses, so finding the appropriate solution to do so has become more important than ever.”

Be sure to come prepared…

If you’re interested in learning more about how the current landscape of mobile apps built on the Salesforce platform is evolving, and how to take the opportunity this is now creating, this article explores the five distinct ‘classes’ of enterprise mobile apps currently defining the technology available to businesses.


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