A MobileCaddy Trust Milestone: 1,000,000 Transactions Monitored in a Month

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Our MobileCaddy Trust site keeps our clients and partners assured that their mobile applications are running properly behind the scenes, with daily alerts and notifications. This article details a recent milestone reached by our systems, and also explains why we’re so happy to be wishing the Trust site a very happy second birthday.

Happy Birthday MobileCaddy Trust

This April we’re celebrating the second official birthday of our beloved MobileCaddy Trust site. The Trust site is what keeps our clients’ and partners’ aware of how and why their mobile applications are performing. We’re delighted to say it’s been going strong, and will only get stronger and keep growing.

This birthday has coincidentally fallen just a few weeks after we achieved a great record-breaking milestone for the first time as well, which shows the growing demand and increasing use of our MobileCaddy suite.

A Record Number of Transactions

March 2018 was the first month in which our internal systems processed, analysed, and checked over 1,000,000 million transactions from our customer applications – 1,036,156 as of midnight on March 31 to be exact. It’s through our MobileCaddy Trust site which we broadcast and communicate this activity to our community.

The volume of transactions is evidence of just how high the performance levels of our client and partner apps have reached, and how well their employees are adopting apps within larger, more strategic mobile initiatives.

“Although we’re delighted with this growth and adoption, the real achievement for us is that finally we’re helping it becoming easier to mobilise critical processes, and run them with confidence, where the end users actually need them to do their work,” said our MobileCaddy CEO, Justin Halfpenny.


App Performance Drives Business Success

The purpose of the ‘AppDefend’ part of our MobileCaddy suite is to maintain app performance and ensure the success of our clients’ and partners’ mobile strategies. This is achieved by constant close monitoring and frequent pre-release testing.

This principle goes way beyond apps being built and delivered. It’s about allowing mobile apps to drive business transformation on a daily basis, by being able to support critical business processes and empower employees operating on the front lines.

Justin added, “From over 10 years ago, when I was on the business side of things – having apps built and having to operate them – the search for complete trust and confidence that my enterprise apps would perform in the always-changing mobile environment was my biggest concern.” This experience is what inspired Justin to launch MobileCaddy.


The Trust site epitomises MobileCaddy’s approach to solving the above mentioned challenge for our clients and partners. Firstly, we must have visibility. If we’re not monitoring everything, including environment changes and issues with the apps, the best we can hope for is silent failures. At worst, and more likely, there will be data loss, lack of adoption, wasted money, and failed mobile strategies for the businesses we work with.


So once we have that visibility in place, we can make sure those negative outcomes don’t happen. Visibility, though, means nothing without context. Our systems help us understand that something has happened to an app, but then also gives us enough information to hone in on the cause, and find the right solution to fix the problem, before substantial damage occurs. The Trust site keeps our community up to date with everything going on behind the scenes.

Pre-Release Testing

The pre-release testing we run helps us stay on top of the constant changes to the harsh mobile environment, whether that’s new OS versions, devices, platform APIs, and so on. MobileCaddy has an approach to monitoring the environment which includes running hundreds or thousands of pre-release tests a day, to ensure our clients and partners trust that their apps will keep performing.

Onwards and Upwards

We’re extremely proud of how far the MobileCaddy Trust site has come, and all the work that’s gone into keeping our clients’ and partners’ apps going for the past two years. We’re determined to keep providing the support and confidence to build more and more sophistication into critical business processes with mobile applications, evidenced by the recent sky-high transaction numbers we’ve witnessed.

Whether you’re currently working with us or not, if you want to keep up with the ever-changing Salesforce mobile environment, check out the MobileCaddy Trust site, subscribe to our regular notifications and alerts by emailing alerts@mobilecaddy.net or connect with us on Twitter


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