MobileCaddy – An Architectural Overview

Because it provides an end-to-end lifecycle solution for mobilising mission critical mobile apps, MobileCaddy has a number of areas of functionality. To help understand where MobileCaddy fits in with your current setup, and how apps are configured, developed, and deployed to our users, below is a short video giving a high level architectural overview.


You’ll see that MobileCaddy is a fully native package that is installed from the AppExchange. Once this is installed it is a matter of point and click to begin to create your first application. This is all in the native Salesforce UI and then lets us select and mobilise our current standard or custom sObjects and fields.

We can then engage with our development team who write our logic and UI – just once for both iOS and Android. This is then uploaded back to the platform via our CodeFlow ‘Click t oDeploy’. At this time we can then run our app in the Platform Emulator allowing us to test and check the applications prior to deployment to our production org.

The final application is fully offline capable from the outset with a total custom UI. This allows full concentration on ensuring the app delivers the business value whilst ensuring the app for the user is easy to use and always available.

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