Mobile is Set to Make a Splash at Salesforce London’s Calling 2018

If you know MobileCaddy, you know how much we love being a part of the vibrant Salesforce community. Not only are we proud sponsors of the London Salesforce Developer User Group, but our Lead Mobile Technical Architect Todd Halfpenny is also part of the team behind Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals. That event is London’s Calling 2018 and it’s taking place on Friday 16 February in London’s Moorgate.


London’s Calling is a full-day event which is organised, delivered, presented, and attended by like-minded people, all looking to help each other get the most value possible out of Salesforce (and have a laugh, a few beers and some good food while doing it, of course!).

2017 Recap

Todd’s talk at London’s Calling last year provided the audience with tips and tricks for making the most of a browser’s developer tools. 2018 will be the third consecutive year he’s presenting, as we continue to try to spread the word regarding the opportunities to innovate which mobile affords Salesforce users when done properly.

With that in mind, this article will be previewing what’s on offer at London’s Calling 2018, highlighting some of the reasons we think the event is a must-attend, and looking in detail at the talks we feel deserve some excitement.

London’s Calling 2018 Talks

Unfortunately, there are only two sessions at this year’s event which will focus on Salesforce mobile and, interestingly, they’re both concerning offline.

No Connection? No Problem!

This talk from Keir Bowden looks to be the same, if not similar to the one he presented at Dreamforce ‘17 a few months ago. If so, it’ll cover an introduction into how offline data storage can be achieved when building custom mobile applications with the Salesforce Mobile SDK.

It should be a good session for anyone wanting to learn the basics of how the Mobile SDK can be used for offline data storage and it’s technologies, though be aware that there’s a lot more to custom builds than can be covered in a 40-minute session.

If you want to find out more about mobilising Salesforce, even if for online scenarios, please feel free to approach Todd or Justin, who’ll both be there along with others from the MobileCaddy team.

Einstein Answers Kenny Rogers with an Offline Mobile App

The other session on mobilising Salesforce will be presented by MobileCaddy’s Chief Technical Architect Todd Halfpenny, as we mentioned.

In this session he’ll be using the mature out-of-the-box offline-first features of MobileCaddy to demonstrate a cross-platform application that’s not only fully network-resilient for standard data synchronisation. On top of that, he’ll also cover how the application communicates with the Einstein Vision API and how the application was built to cater for offline scenarios as well.

This presentation includes information on setting up the Einstein data model and how this is securely exposed to the mobile application, enabling photo capture and categorisation.

The Best of the Rest

With six consecutive tracks at this year’s London’s Calling, there’s bound to be something for everyone. The ones we’ve pencilled in to attend include those covering some of the new features of the platform:

There really are too many sessions to mention all the best ones. As well as those mentioned above, there of loads of other great talks, and not just for developers either, there are plenty that are admin and business-focused too.

If anything, perhaps the conference could benefit from being a two-day event, such is the growth we’ve seen and the amount of great content on offer.

Videos of (nearly) all the previous year’s event’s talks can also be found on the London’s Calling website. And on top of all this there’s the Keynote speaker, Dr. Sue Black OBE – author of Saving Bletchley Park, tech evangelist, social entrepreneur and all round hero – her session is not to be missed!

Tickets have sold out already, but if you haven’t got your ticket yet then you can still join the waiting list. And if you are going then please give us a shout on Twitter so all the MobileCaddy team members who’ll be there can say hello.

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