Mobile is the next step to a fully digital organisation

Make it happen Torn PaperMobile really is an enabler. An enabler to extend an enterprise’s ‘digital’ core. This means to employees, partners, suppliers, customers and pretty much anyone we interact with. And, as we can see now, the ‘anyone’ is now being extended to ‘anything’ (IoT – Internet of Things is going to be massive just because of the sheer number of ‘things’ and it is also going to happen a lot faster than a lot of us appreciate but that is for another post)

In this sense Mobile is crucial. But it is really just the latest stage in a digital journey. I like to think of it in the same sense as the ‘last mile’ issue faced by the fixed line telcos. By that I mean we have enabled the digitization of the organisation, and now we have to push the delivery of the digitization through that last mile to the end user on their mobile devices. The cost, complexities and the required enterprise performance levels for this ‘last mile’ really are hurting adoption but they can be overcome and is fundamentally what MobileCaddy is designed to achieve. But actually connecting our mobile users (our ‘Last Mile’) is not really focusing on the why – it is just the how.

If MobileCaddy enables this Mobilization then what happens next?

It has taken a great deal of time and effort to build out a product and set of tools that allows the easy creation, monitoring and enhancement of robust, fully offline enabled salesforce mobile apps.

It would be great if this enabling immediately extended and enhanced our customers digital capabilities to mobile devices and users. And in some cases this will happen but in the vast majority there is a shift in thinking that is needed first.

The reality is that most organisations have yet to start to pull everything together. I’m talking about digitization in general here, not explicitly the mobilization stage of digitization. With some glaring exceptions it is extremely rare to find ‘’ levels of digitization that are not just skin deep. Where a company sees Information Technology capabilities as not a core competency, but as a fundamental part of its core. And to have, as an organisation, the competency levels in our people to realise what can be achieved plus the competency, again in our people, to deliver on this.

Neither the fundamental digital core, or the level of skills to realise and produce the true ‘digital org’, is easy or readily available but that does not mean it should be ignored and in fact makes it more urgent.

There is hope.

Using the ‘Last Mile’ analogy again but in a slightly different context we look at what the developing world has done to deal with this issue. Nothing.

They did not need to. In the majority of the cases they just went straight to the end user with a mobile network, using the latest technologies.

For organisations just starting on their digital transformation, applications designed in a pre-mobile world that will now need refactoring at the very least will not be an issue. They can jump straight to mobile and catch up, possibly even overtake their competitors.

This does give us all hope.

Eating Humble Pie

As the CEO of MobileCaddy I need to apply the same brush to us. We are far from achieving this nirvana of digital mastery as defined in the excellent book “Leading Digital” by  George Westerman, Didier Bonnet and Andrew McAfee. However we have been born mobile and are committed to making our organisation, not just our product, fit for the 21st century by taking advantage of what technology allows us to do, as well as building out and investing in a team to imagine and implement this on a continual basis.

I will say this. It is a massive challenge. But it is not optional.

So where to start?

If you already have the salesforce1 platform you have made an excellent decision. But note the use of the word ‘platform’. The fact you maybe using salesforce as a CRM or service system at the moment is not utilising the massive business enhancing technologies that Marc Benioff and his team have given us.

Just look at what is possible. Then extend with Mobile (but Mobile with rules – see my post on MORE(s) Design™). Now you really are ready on the tech side.

Next you need to ask everyone you can in your organisation to research, purchase, read and review the best book on Digital Transformation – only using Amazon mobile apps. This simple test will show you what you need to be able to achieve and also what is achievable. No doubt the reading of the books will be great but it the process of getting to that stage is the lesson.

Only giving the simple instruction above you will find all this can be achieved by your employees, only using their mobile devices and with no training. That is the power that Amazon has created and then ‘extended’ to everyone. Try telling someone outside your org to research, purchase, use and review one of your own products, using only a mobile with your own digital efforts. You definitiely have a benchmark now.

To find out more about how to take the power of the salesforce platform and deliver this as robust, fully offline enabled mobile applications please contact me at or sign up for a demo below.

If you are a developer and want to build the next generation of applications for the mobile enterprise please visit our dedicated developers site

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