Mobile App Support Paves the Way for Performance and Innovation

Innovation comes with inherent risk, especially for enterprise mobile apps. Businesses leading the way with mobility are the ones with sufficient support in place to ensure their apps will always perform as required, allowing them to focus on successfully innovating. This article explains the comprehensive mobile app support we provide our customers and partners to give them full confidence in their application performance.

Mobile is a Moving Target

Leaders in enterprise mobility are the businesses that are always striving to innovate. For us, continuous innovation means continuous updates and improvements to mobile applications. This is how mobile apps are able to deliver true competitive advantages and differentiation to a business.

We believe all our customers and partners fall into this category, because they are approaching mobility in such a way that they’re never standing still with their mobile initiatives, and they appreciate the environment their mobile apps operate in never stands still either. What makes them leaders is that, instead of seeing that challenge as an obstacle to innovation, they use it as the basis for their mobile strategies.

Establishing Constant App Support to Allow for Continuous Innovation

With so much change happening all the time, both to the mobile environment and to the mobile apps themselves, it’s easy for businesses to overlook crucial things such as application support, both while in development and beyond deployment.

But when working with MobileCaddy, our team and our product alike are fully prepared to help manage the inevitable risks involved with mobility, with systems in place for monitoring, testing, maintenance, and other support systems essential to success all running in the background.

The purpose of that support is to allow our customers and partners to focus on their apps, and continue to innovate at speed, with confidence that the risks have been minimised. With the MobileCaddy team and Mobile Success Platform putting in the effort to monitor, test, and support the applications, they are allowed to thrive and achieve their full potential within the business.

This support is based on a focus on maintaining mobile application performance, because these businesses are using their apps to operate within their most critical and complex processes. For them, there is no margin for error.

So an important part of that focus within the MobileCaddy offering is a comprehensive Enterprise Success Plan, which customers and partners use to alleviate the pressures that usually come with application support. Those Enterprise Success Plans include a regular Application Performance Review, conducted by our team once a month.

The Value of Keeping Up With Application Performance

These Application Performance Reviews are an integral part of the relationships we have with each of our customers and partners, adding a tremendous amount of value through the additional trust they provide.

MobileCaddy’s monitoring system and alerting has meant even when we were processing tens of thousands of user activations we have had the peace of mind that any issues will be caught and remedied with aid of product and support specialists.”

Maarten Rooney

Product Development, StreetLink App

Due to the critical nature of the business processes these apps operate within, and the aggressive roadmaps and release schedules for updates, they demand flawless performance at all times.

When it comes to mobile apps, you can’t have speed without risk, and you can’t have change without potential bugs. That’s why giving our customers the confidence that performance will be maintained throughout makes all the difference. MobileCaddy acts as a strategic partner to bring all the elements of mobile success together, and this is undoubtedly a crucial element.

Application Performance Reviews allow us to maintain the necessary discipline and best practices of monitoring, testing, and supporting our customers’ and partners’ apps, removing those risks and allowing continuous innovation to happen naturally.

A Look at the Application Performance Review Structure

We use the following structure for our monthly Application Performance Reviews to make sure these run for every customer with consistency:



App Monitoring

First we look into all our inbuilt monitoring and alerting systems for any issues, to understand them, diagnose them, group and prioritise them, all working towards being able to solve them.

Surfacing these issues as a team (customer, partner, and MobileCaddy specialists), gives us the best chance of minimising their impact on the application and its users. This also includes looking for potential future issues as well, through usage metrics, platform metrics, user feedback, and more, to prevent app failure.


App Deployment

Between four and eight weeks is a common timescale for iterations and updates to our applications, so it’s important to keep up with what’s in the pipeline to be deployed, managing the release schedule, and helping to maintain speed while keeping up best practices.

We also work in possibilities for new features, improvements, or fixes to apps made possible by new additions to our MobileCaddy Mobile Success Platform. This includes reviewing:


New App Versions due for Deployment.


Updates to MobileCaddy Libraries.


Container App Upgrades.


MobileCaddy Package Enhancements.


App Recovery

We regularly test and check all the recovery systems in place. MobileCaddy does all its internal testing, but also works with customers and their teams so they’re well versed in recovery, just in case of an emergency, bringing extra confidence and minimising risk even further.


Pre-Release Testing

We keep an eye on the Salesforce release cycle, as well as any changes to the mobile environment, through monitoring and testing. This includes the relevant OSs for the devices each of our customers are running their apps on tool.

Asset 11-8

Salesforce Orgs

We look at any and all of the orgs the apps are working in, such as development, UAT, QA, and production, making sure everything is in order at all times.


MobileCaddy Training

There will often be new members of the customer or partner team who can benefit from training on both the MobileCaddy product, and with mobile domain, architecture, and design skills. These sessions will also cover new features and enhancements from both the platform and the application perspective.


Success Plans

Finally, we review the Enterprise Success Plan overall, such as how our customers are engaging with specific requirements, priorities, and goals. This includes reviewing the support systems to ensure our customers are using the MobileCaddy Mobile Success Platform to its full effect. Aligning those support systems to the customer’s own support results in more independence, allowing them to utilise the Enterprise Success Plan to help maximise the value they’re receiving.

Why do we do This?

We designed our Enterprise Success Plans after working with some of the most forward-thinking Salesforce customers, to address the key operational and support requirements that arise from developing and deploying critical mobile applications.”

Justin Halfpenny

CEO, MobileCaddy

Having frequent, structured reviews in place is crucial because of the dynamic nature of these apps and the ever-changing environment they operate within, and the critical processes they support.

App performance is a constant challenge, and requires extensive effort within a strategic approach to maintain it. That’s why both our highly experienced team and our MobileCaddy Mobile Success Platform provide top class support through our approach, our inbuilt systems, and our close relationships with our customers and partners.

To receive a full overview of our Enterprise Success Plans, or to learn more about the confidence and trust we instil in our customers and partners through our constant mobile application support, feel free to get in touch with our team directly.

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