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Product Update Webcast: March 2018

Our Product team are laser-focused on enabling our customers and users to accelerate and de-risk the delivery of highly sophisticated mobile apps that feed off the Salesforce platform.

They are adding new features to the MobileCaddy suite at an incredible rate, whilst engineering reliability and baking in robustness at every opportunity across the entire stack. As you can see from this update, the suite is constantly being simplified and improved, making it easier and easier to use. Here we cover what the team have been up to most recently.

Latest Updates, Fixes and Releases

Keeping up with such a fast moving team is no easy feat, so we ask the guys to regularly chat through the best bits of what’s new, what’s fixed and what they’ve recently updated across the MobileCaddy suite. We’ve included a summary of our recent session below, but for those that know the devil is in the detail, you can listen to the full conversation via our recorded webcast.

Uplift to Salesforce API Version 42

With each Salesforce release (3 times a year) comes a new Salesforce API version. To use newly released features/functionality, we have to raise our Salesforce API version within the MobileCaddy Package. We generally keep our API at one version prior to the Salesforce version, thus giving us plenty of time to test and validate and keep our product robust. Because we wanted to support Field Service Lightning, we raised the latest Salesforce API version (V 42) on this occasion and scheduled additional testing resources.

Full Support for Tasks and Events in Permission Set Creator

MobileCaddy contains a Permission Set creator that analyses all Salesforce objects and fields required for a mobile application and creates a permission set. Customers can then apply this to each mobile application user to ensure that all necessary access is in place. The Activity objects (Task and Event) were not properly supported – they behave differently to other objects in that you need to assign custom field permissions but the object permission is already in place. We updated our Permission Set Creator to correctly support these objects, as well as supporting the Location object from Field Service Lightning and the Account Contact Relation object used for linking contacts to multiple accounts.

App Store Policy Updates

New app containers and updates to existing app containers must support iPhone X come April. This new policy also increases the minimum iOS SDK required by Apple for App Store submission, meaning that new app containers and updates to existing app containers will have their minimum support iOS version increased to iOS 10. Existing app containers on the store will not be affected by this new policy change and will continue to run and be available on the App Store.

A robust reduction in Sync times

A new release of our sync engine now boasts up to 50% reduction in sync times for many calls.

Through the grouping of certain transactions, we can maintain the robust nature of our syncs, with a drastically reduced number of calls.

Optimised syncMobileTable API

In the continued effort to optimise apps, we have added a new flag to the API call that performs synchronisations.

Update to “Log in to a Sandbox or Community” documentation for Windows 10

We’ve updated the Log in to a Sandbox or Community documentation to add a new method for changing the login endpoint on Windows 10 container apps. This new method uses the application shortcut as a way of specifying a new login endpoint instead of using the command line each time.

MobileCaddy Help Centre Closed Beta Release

Our new self-service Help Centre has been released in Private Beta. This marks our full commitment to ensuring our users and customers can quickly answer product or service questions and work more confidently and successfully with the MobileCaddy suite. Beta v1 has been rolled out to our strategic partners and allows immediate access to:

  • References and Orientations
  • User Guides and Knowledge Articles
  • Libraries, Downloads, and Tutorials
  • Latest Release Notes and Product Updates

Trust Site Updates and Tracking (

We have a new Tracking section on our trust site ( which gives visibility over our Known Issues (open and closed) and how our internal trust and QA team test for the Critical Updates from Salesforce. It also uncovers the running apps API support that we can have for Salesforce with our latest components (target API and the API we are testing against).

Final Thoughts

We’re extremely proud to see all the hard work of our product team pay off for our customers whose critical mobile applications continue to perform day in day out.

But we’re always adding and learning and we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers have an open line of communication with us. So please do keep the feedback coming in for the team.

You can get in touch here. And if you enjoyed the post, please consider sharing on Facebook, twitter or Linkedin below.

Interested in learning more? Listen to the full session below

Also available on YouTube


0:50 - Uplift to Salesforce API Version 42

5:50 - Full Support for Tasks and Events in Permission Set Creator

9:20 - App Store Policy Updates

13:28 - A robust reduction in Sync times

23:20 - Optimised syncMobileTable API

26:09 - Update to “Log in to a Sandbox or Community” documentation for Windows 10

27:10 - MobileCaddy Help Centre Closed Beta Release

28:34 - Trust Site Updates and Tracker (

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