London Salesforce DUG, September 2018: CTA Solution Workshop

september18-london-dg-thumbnailThis month’s London Salesforce Developer User Group was a little different than the usual format of two presentations from guest speakers. Instead, we turned our attention inward for an evening of brainstorming, work-shopping, and sharing of ideas.

For video highlights of the various talks which have taken place in recent months, you can head over to the official London Salesforce DUG YouTube channel. But we must emphasise that these events are well worth attending in person if you’re ever able to make it along!

Here’s a quick recap of the September DUG event, which took place on Wednesday the 19th at the London offices of Everis, who kindly sponsored the event too.

The Main Event

This month, Gemma Emmett, of Ladies be Architect fame, and all-round “Salesforce-of-nature” took us through a hypothetical business scenario akin to something that might be offered up to a candidate during their CTA process.

Attendees were split up into groups, with each group focusing on a particular area of the solution that would be needed to fill the requirements as laid out in the scenario. There were, for example, teams looking into topics such as Identity, Data Model, and Integration. Each team was equipped with a flip-chart sheet and a copy of the scenario, then given 15 minutes to design a proposal.

The space supplied by Everis was ideal, with plenty of side-rooms available so groups could work without (too much) disturbance. Groups were allowed to ask questions of each other to ensure sister parts of the design didn’t conflict too much. It was so interesting to poke my head into the discussions going on, and to see each group’s dynamics in action. I really admire our community for their passion and integrity.

Following the 15-minute group-working (and some well appreciated refreshments), each team was then given the opportunity to present their proposals, along with assumptions made and arguments for their design. They then faced a grilling questions from the rest of the attendees on why some choices were made. The discussions following each presentation were an absolute highlight of the evening not only being educational but also wonderfully entertaining.

  • Attendees discussing possible solutions.
  • Attendees discussing single-sign-on options.
  • Sean Dukes presenting the object model.

A bi-product of such a workshop was not only just how deep one must go when solutionising, but also how broad you must think.It’s crucial to acknowledge that each decision made in one particular aspect of a design can have a huge impact on other areas too.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and constructive evening, and our huge thanks go to Everis for sponsoring, Gemma for her time and passion for facilitating, and of course to my fellow organisers: Anup, Jodi, Keir, and Richard for continuing to put on such valuable community events.

The meetings will return to their standard agenda next month, with two fantastic speakers lined up, giving presentations on Invocable Methods and Unit Tests as Documentation. RSVPs are now open, so don’t hesitate to sign up now.


These London Salesforce Developer User Group events are a great way to meet like-minded Salesforce professionals and network, discuss development practices, discuss new features, and give feedback on the ever-changing landscape of Salesforce technologies.

So, if you want to get involved, learn more, share experiences, or just come along to see what it’s all about, you will always be more than welcome.

Please note that all future events will be managed on a new Trailblazer Community Meeting Platform. This will help bring the User & Developer Groups on to one platform, so any user, anywhere, can connect with their local Trailblazers.

You can join us there by logging in with your social profile and subscribing to our group. You’ll receive notifications for upcoming events, be able to RSVP for Group meetings, find details on our events (time, date, location, etc.) and more.

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