London Salesforce DUG, October 2018: The Musical Episode

October has been a busy month for us in the London Salesforce community. A couple of weeks ago, we played our part in supporting Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2018 Global Gathering Movement.

This event provided those unable to actually make it to Dreamforce with some curated content straight from the conference. It was a great this opportunity to come together and share thoughts on sessions and keynotes from Salesforce’s flagship event.


Our Global Gathering included some fun and prizes courtesy of Salesforce, including a certification voucher won by Sean Dukes (congrats Sean!). We also had two presentations: the first by myself, highlighting the Salesforce Labs projects, and a new OSS initiative called Open Force that is attempting to bring together community learning and development.

We also heard from Ivan Almeida and Lorenzo Frattini about Clayton, a code review system for Salesforce. If you’re serious about having robust and maintainable code, then I strongly suggest you give Clayton a look.

Anyhoo, enough about the Global Gathering, let’s get back to this month’s DUG.

London Salesforce Developer User Group

Last week, I attended the October London Salesforce DUG, which was kindly sponsored by the Deliveroo this month, and took place in their London offices, right on the River Thames. It was our first time being hosted by Deliveroo, and to say they have a great venue would be doing them a disservice; I’ve never seen such a great monitor at a DUG before.

For any new readers, MobileCaddy is proud video sponsor of the community events, so be sure to check back in with us for more of these regular highlights and recaps here.

Amnon Kruvi @KruvMan

Solution Architect, 1218 Global

Invocable Methods… The Musical

Yes, you read that right… “The Musical.” Amnon had approached me following a previous presentation he’d given for the Developer Group, suggesting he wanted to present again but this time with a twist. I agreed, and we had kept it under-wraps. I think only two folk in the audience knew something different was coming, though neither of us had actually seen any dry-runs… I was very excited.

Anyway, my words won’t do this justice, so please watch away… and then share and re-watch and re-watch… then try to get the ear-worms out of your head.

The reaction to this event on social media has been insane. I’m just so pleased that MobileCaddy were there to capture it, and that we’d been fortunate to have Amnon present on a stage such as the one provided by Deliveroo.

Rob Bailie @BobaliciousBob

Senior Technical Consultant, makepositive

Unit Tests and Documentation

Following a presentation like Amnon’s was always going to be hard, but Rob came out with wit, enthusiasm, and passion, and also a chocked-full presentation on Unit Testing for Apex. I’m personally a huge fan of TDD, and at MobileCaddy this is a practice we like to employ as much as possible. In fact, we like testing so much we start testing Salesforce releases months before production orgs are updated.

Rob not only talked about TDD, but covered ways to write better tests, and ones that continue adding value through every update to your code.

This was another fab meet for the London Salesforce Developers Trailblazer community, and thanks as always go to my co-organisers Anup, Jodi, Keir, and Richard, the hosts and sponsors Deliveroo, and to the two wonderful speakers, Amnon and Rob.

If you’d like to discuss these topics, or generally just socialise in an online capacity with this Trailblazer group, I highly recommend joining the London Developer’s chatter group.

Our London Salesforce Developer Trailblazer community events thrive on engagement and participation. There’s something for everyone, and something new to learn every time. So, if you want to get involved, learn more, share experiences, or just come along to see what it’s all about..

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