London Salesforce DUG, June 2018: Salesforce DX and Apex Experts

london-dg-thumbnai-junel As it does each month, the London Salesforce developer community once again came together recently for an evening of networking, sharing experience and development practices, discussing new features, and giving each other feedback on development with Salesforce.

Our more regular readers, and attendees of the events, will know by now that we’re proud sponsors of the London Salesforce DUG YouTube channel. As a result, it’s our job to to bring you highlights, and ensure members of the community who can’t attend in person can keep up to speed. But, of course, we do encourage you to come along the next time you’re in the area if you’re a Salesforce developer.

This month’s DUG event took place on Wednesday, June 20 and was hosted by makepositive. There were two exciting sessions from guest speakers who we’ll cover in detail here:

Geraint Waters and Richard Clark, Provar Testing @GeraintWaters @RichClark808

Integrating Salesforce DX with Provar Test Automation

Geraint and Richard gave a presentation exploring how SalesforceDX is changing the way we develop and deploy, and how it’s affecting both end customers and ISVs alike. They taught attendees how to integrate SalesforceDX as part of your CI test and release management pipeline, and gave a live demo from change to deployment, including creating and generating test automation results in record time. Check it out below!

Amnon Kruvi, Salesforce Solution Architect, 1218 Global @KruvMan

Apex Reflection

Amnon has been architecting Salesforce solutions for the last five years, both as an ISV and a consultant, with a total of 15 years developing CRM systems, and 12 Salesforce certifications.

Amnon discussed how the case of applications which can only be modified by their own vendors can often cause people to pass up opportunities to embrace their clients’ unique business models. He went on to explain that with a little dedication, and a generous sprinkle of Apex reflection and metadata, we can all build code that clients can expand and make their own.

The London Salesforce developer community is run by members, for members, and thrives on engagement and participation. There’s something for everyone, and something new to learn every time.
So, if you want to get involved, learn more, share experiences, or just come along to see what it’s all about, you will always be more than welcome. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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