London Salesforce DUG, July 2018: AR, AI, and IoT!

london-dg-thumbnail-julyIt’s been a busy summer, and one we hope all our regular readers have thoroughly enjoyed. And, after a short break, we’re back with our regular round ups of the latest activity from the London Salesforce developer user group.

We are still coming together each month for opportunities to keep networking, sharing experience and development practices, discussing new features, and giving each other feedback on developments with Salesforce technologies.

I couldn’t actually make it to the July event, so I’m super chuffed that these are recorded and put onto the London Salesforce DUG YouTube channel, thanks MobileCaddy!

July’s Salesforce event took place on Wednesday the 18th at the BrightGen offices in Liverpool Street. So let’s take a look at the two very exciting, very innovative sessions from the speakers:

Simon Cook, Principal Cloud Architect, Salesforce

Reality 2.0: Augmented and Made Smarter with the Salesforce Platform

When looking to get speakers for this event Peter Chittum reached out to us and suggested Simon, along with sending us a link to a version of this talk he’d previously given. I think that, after watching, you’ll be 100% pleased that Peter got in touch with us.

Simon, who has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, is passionate about innovation, especially around software development, and that was clear from his talk.

He looked at Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): two technologies redefining user experiences in the wake of the fourth industrial revolution. Simon gave a demonstration of a mobile AR application that leverages the power of the Salesforce Platform with Einstein Vision. He used it to present a real customer use case, showing how these technologies can blur the lines between the real world and the virtual.

The use case of Simon’s main demo was that of proactive support, whereby an organisation can be sending out field engineers, equipped with knowledge and details of the issue, to a client’s assets, and all before the client knows that anything is wrong. I absolutely love this idea, and it’s similar to how the monitoring of the apps built with MobileCaddy works. We’re constantly monitoring the status of transactions from mobile devices to proactively keep the apps working. For example we’re able to contact customers to let them know of sharing violations or record conflicts.

If you’d like to see a further talk on integrating Salesforce’s Einstein services with mobile technology, then take a look at the talk I gave earlier this year at London’s Calling.

Mick Wheeler, Software Engineer, OVO Energy @mickwheelz_

Automating Your Home (or Business) with Salesforce IoT

It was great to have Mick come in, as he is a 5x Salesforce Certified, and a Dreamforce speaker in 2017, and will also be presenting at Dreamforce 2018.

Mick explored the smart home technology trend, such as being able to turn things on and off from anywhere, monitor your home from a mobile device, and even save energy.

Mick explained that it is now possible to build a smart home (or office, or factory) platform on Salesforce. And using Salesforce IoT, platform events, and a bit of hardware magic, Mick showed us how.

As proud sponsors of the official London Salesforce DUG YouTube channel, we’ll continue to bring you highlights of all the events, to keep an eye out or follow us on social media for next time.

These events are run by members, for members, and thrives on engagement and participation. There’s something for everyone, and something new to learn every time. So, if you want to get involved, learn more, share experiences, or just come along to see what it’s all about, you will always be more than welcome.

We should also note that the group now has a new home, over on the official Trailblazer Community, so sign-up there to make sure you get info on all future meets.

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