London Salesforce DUG, August 2018: APIs and Field Service Lightning

dug-august-2018Our monthly recaps of the London Salesforce Developer User Group events continue with a look back at August’s event, which was hosted and sponsored by Lawrence Harvey.

For any new readers, the London DUG meets regularly to take part in networking, sharing of experience and development practices, discussing new features, and giving each other feedback on developments with Salesforce technologies.

As proud sponsors of the official London Salesforce DUG YouTube channel, we’ll continue to provide these video highlights each month, but we must emphasise the events are well worth attending in person if you’re ever able to make it along.

So, let’s take a look at the sessions presented by our great speakers from August’s London Salesforce Developer User Group:

Rob Cowell @RobSalesforce

Senior Salesforce Developer, Bank of Montreal Global Asset Management

How Public APIs and the Cloud and Redefining Corporate IT

Rob explored how developers like to approach the development of new projects in today’s cloud-hosted, API-driven, web-powered world. With eight years of experience in Salesforce roles with both end users and consulting partners, Rob covered how the arrival of the API economy has prompted a new way of thinking about software, and even hardware. He also offered advice for bringing elements of this ecosystem together for delivering success faster and easier than ever before.

Our Lead Mobile Technical Architect Todd Halfpenny, who attended the event, said, “Rob’s talk covered a few points that rang true with me, especially around end user involvement during the design phase of an API. We certainly valued the early Beta users of MobileCaddy, as their input helped (and is still helping) shape our APIs, such as the ones supporting CRUD actions against our encrypted database that enables our offline running.

Barry Roberts @SFDC_Beard

Field Service Lightning Practice Manager, Bluewolf

Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightning is a powerful platform application, the fast-growing product in the history of Salesforce, which sits within Service Cloud. Barry’s session focused on defining Field Service Lightning, and discussing how it can be used to work with IoT and other technologies to improve both cost and customer service within businesses.

Barry explained that, “There is limitations, but we do have great partners that work with the ecosystem to enable additional offline capabilities and intelligence.”

As Barry mentioned, many Salesforce out-the-box apps do hit limits, whether relating to offline support, custom UX/UI, or use of custom objects. These limitations are what drive us at MobileCaddy to continually fill the gaps, providing fully custom, network-resilient mobile applications that deliver capability and reliability beyond Salesforce’s own mobile offerings.

These London Salesforce Developer User Group events thrive on engagement and participation. There’s something for everyone, and something new to learn every time. So, if you want to get involved, learn more, share experiences, or just come along to see what it’s all about, you will always be more than welcome.

Please note that all future events will be managed on a new Trailblazer Community Meeting Platform. This will help bring the User & Developer Groups on to one platform, so any user, anywhere, can connect with their local Trailblazers.

You can join us there by logging in with your social profile and subscribing to our group. You’ll receive notifications for upcoming events, be able to RSVP, and find all the important details such time, date, location, and more.

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