July 2017: What’s New with MobileCaddy and Your Salesforce Mobile Apps

The Latest from the MobileCaddy Product Team - July 2017

One of the most exciting things about our Application Delivery Framework (ADF) is that it’s constantly growing and evolving, to allow our partners and customers to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with mobile apps on the Salesforce platform. As such, it’s vital that we help our community stay abreast of all the new MobileCaddy features and updates as they’re released.

With that in mind,  I’ve decided to record and publish my regular discussions with Paul, our CTO, Todd, our Chief Mobile Technical Architect, and Frank, our Lead Product Engineer. In these sessions we’ll be covering what’s new with MobileCaddy, and will be sharing this with you to provide a first-hand look at everything we’ve been working hard on to improve.

So what’s new with MobileCaddy this month?

In the July update to the MobileCaddy framework, we’re pleased to introduce a number of improvements which will enhance the experience of delivering Salesforce mobile apps for all our users. Here’s what we’ve picked out this month for some special attention.

New version: Sync Engine 4

With the next major iteration of our synchronisation technology, we see faster record processing on platform, as well as greater record volumes on initial and subsequent syncs with batching and paging. This means greater scope when designing apps for larger and more complex data models, coupled with real-time analysis, and the ability to ‘tune’ the sync to maximise its efficiency.

User information enhancements

Understanding information about active users creates significant benefits to an application, both from a logic and UI perspective. This new round of enhancements brings further user information straight to the developer with no extra effort, meaning profile-controlled menus, or language and regional variations, can now easily be catered for.

New security features: Local recovery and PIN protection

To provide an increased level of comfort for all business critical mobile applications, we’ve introduced the MobileCaddy recovery system, which is secured via a platform-generated PIN code. This system is part of a larger drive with various levels of recovery set to be made available over the coming releases.

Release: Windows 10 Desktop client with full local encryption

Responding to client and market demands, further updates have been made to all our container apps, but particularly here we’ve updated the newly released local encryption option for Windows 10.

Enhancement: Performance analytics and metrics

Along with enhancements to the sync, as noted above, we’ve seen in the recent releases even more advances in platform metrics and analytics with an increased focus now on performance analysis. At the individual org level this will drive performance, along with that further resilience, and when anonymised and analysed across all transactions it will guide additional enhancements to our framework in future.

Enhancement: Shell application and services updates

A new developer-friendly wrapper service gives access to custom Salesforce REST endpoints, the Tooling API, or SOQL requests with minimal effort. This opens up enrichment possibilities for using platform connectivity when available with a progressive approach/offline fallback.

EnhancementExtra protection around export and import mechanisms for efficient release management

Migrating your Salesforce mobile apps from instance to instance just got easier for even the most complex requirements with our new export document compression. The updated process checks the destination environment, config, and other metadata, to ensure successful running of the deployed application.

Final thoughts

We like to put pressure on ourselves to constantly innovate here at MobileCaddy, and are never happy unless we’re working to a very aggressive release schedule. Our team is always learning and our Application Delivery Framework is always growing. So if you have any thoughts about the direction you’d like us to take moving forward, or if there’s anything else you’d like to learn about how MobileCaddy can help overcome the most daunting challenges in delivering business critical mobile apps, then be sure to let us know.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, or you can always drop us a line on Twitter!  

Interested in learning more? Listen to the full session below

Also available on Youtube

0:00 Welcome to the July Product Update and Introductions
0:26 New Version – Sync Engine v4
3:55 Sync Engine 4 – Syncs and subsequent syncs
5:27 Sync Engine 4 – Syncing and losing connectivity
7:32 Sync Engine 4 – Gaining access
9:36 Sync Engine 4 – How to start using it
10:57 Libraries and versioning
11:40 User information enhancements
14:59 New security features for recovery
21:44 Release – Windows 10 Desktop Client with full local encryption
24:24 Enhancements – Performance analytics and metrics
28:30 Enhancements – Shell application & services updates
31:35 Enhancements – Extra protection around import, export mechanisms

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