January 2018: MobileCaddy Updates for Your Salesforce Mobile Apps

jan product update

Keep up with MobileCaddy’s latest product updates, feature releases and other cool stuff going on with our monthly product webcast.

Our aim here at MobileCaddy is to help Salesforce customers radically transform the digital frontline. This is where sales, service and operations create the next generation of digital experiences for mobile customers, employees and partners.

Our product suite is constantly evolving to accelerate and de-risk the delivery of custom mobile apps in pursuit of this. We love building new features and we’re adding them at an incredible rate to our product, and as you can see below, it is constantly being simplified and improved to make it easier and easier to use.

So what’s new with MobileCaddy this month?

To keep our customers and partners updated every month I sit down with Paul, Todd and Frank  for a deep dive into the best bits of what’s new, what’s fixed and what we’ve updated across the MobileCaddy Framework. Below is the summary of what we’ve picked out this month to focus on and for those that know the devil is in the detail and would like to replay the full conversation – we’ve linked to the recorded webcast.

Data Recovery gains new features and security

The recovery process has been improved to make it easier to select between local or remote recovery. Entry to this new selection screen is PIN lock protected to ensure that data is secure and recovery can only be accessed when authorised.

New Documentation to take advantage of the new App Settings and In-App diagnostics

We’ve finalised documentation to make importing our updated in-app settings screens, into existing applications, a simple process of running a few tasks on the command line.

Salesforce Tasks and Events now support full offline creation and offline parenting

Platform activities such as tasks and events are now fully mobilised and those objects are available to our customers. Apps can have tasks and events hanging off multiple different objects which will be handled and parented to the correct record even when that parent record has also been created offline.

A growing list of GA Starter App Extension to super-charge development

We have renamed our “MobileCaddy App Add-ons” to be “MobileCaddy App Extensions”. And there are now three extensions that are GA, with a number of partners and clients already using these in their apps, and in quite adventurous ways.

Salesforce Spring ’18 – Green lights for all our Container App Testing

Salesforce’s Spring 18 release is right around the corner which means our QA and Testing processes kick in to make sure everything is both compatible with the new release and performing as expected. Our tests are showing no issues in either the pre-release or preview sandboxes.

Offline Lead Conversion – New documentation provides best practice and patterns

Handling Lead Conversion for an offline mobile application has always been a challenge. There is no out of the box one size fits all solution, and so alongside our customers we have solved the problem in different ways. We have pulled what we believe to be the best overall approach together in a MobileCaddy How To document to make life easier for future projects.

New documentation covering how to use your Windows 10 container app against sandboxes

A handy guide has been created that details how to switch the login endpoint being used by your Windows 10 container app. This is useful if you need to login to a sandbox or a Salesforce community.

MobileCaddy Metadata creation and update improvements makes it even easier to keep upto date

MobileCaddy depends on its own internal metadata. When the managed package is installed this is automatically loaded from packaged Salesforce documents. This has caused extra steps in partial, devpro, and dev sandboxes refreshes. A new process simplifies this as well as making it much easier to update to the latest and greatest components in current installs of the package.

Final Thoughts

We’re always adding and learning here at MobileCaddy and pride ourselves on ensuring our customers have an open line of communication with us. Please keep the feedback coming in and telling us what you need so we can continue to support your frontline, digital transformation.

If you’re new to MobileCaddy please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team or you can always drop us a line on Twitter! And if we’re already working together, you’ll know we’re only a Slack message away.


Interested in learning more? Listen to the full session below

Also available on Youtube


0:47 - Container Recovery Process Update

2:50 - Upgrade to Core Settings Area

5:43 - Platform Activities (Task & Events) full offline support

10:58 - Starter App (new GA ‘Extensions’)

13:53 - Spring 18 Container (testing, results and impact)

16:02 - Lead Conversion (offline) -New Documentation and best practice

21:43 - Windows 10 Container App – Switching the login endpoint to a Sandbox or a Community

23:33 - A new approach to pulling down required documents for MobileCaddy metadata

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