Ionic 1.0 is here. A front-end framework for Offline Apps

ionic1-uranium-unicorn-headerHaving a robust platform. Check.

A rapid, offline development tool. Check.

Full Lifecycle control covering deployment, management & monitoring. Check

And now a full 1.0.0 release of Ionic to give us total confidence. Check!

At MobileCaddy we started with a focus on delivering the platform to mobile – we want enterprises to be confident that Business and Mission critical mobile apps will deliver the uptime and performance that has become expected of the platform.

As we started we used a variety of front-end technologies such as Foundation, Bootstrap, Backbone and JQuery Mobile. But around a year ago we stumbled on the Ionic Framework. It took us less than half a day to wire it into MobileCaddy and we have not looked back since.

When we first work with clients we talk a lot about what can wrong. Much of what we talk about is negative. We do this because we all get focused on snazzy UIs and the first drop of the app. We need to show the value of MobileCaddy is being totally paranoid to ensure continuous mobile app uptime.

However Ionic is one of the positives. It is just an awesome piece of kit. A normal process for us now, when we are showing the power and speed of MobileCaddy, is to take the basic requirements, mobilise the sObjects and fields in a few minutes and then spin up a Shell App that is based on Ionic.

From herein with a few hours work, just using standard web technology skills, we have a fully functioning app that works with a single codebase on Android and iOS (Windows is on the roadmap).

As a final touch we can then deploy and run on iOS and Android phones and tablets using our pre-built Device Apps.

placeit (1)

Just three days effort to build from scratch including fully offline data/logic using Ionic!

Ionic is our goto framework and is one of the first links we send anyone who is evaluating MobileCaddy for mobilising and the platform. The feedback is always positive.

Massive credit and thanks to Max, Ben and the team at Ionic – you can read more about the release here.


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