Hello world, indeed.

JustinFive years ago I made a decision that to win (read survive!) the company I was directing had to standardise on a technology platform. The hands down winner was salesforce.com. They were just transitioning from a SaaS provider to a PaaS provider and it was just what I, and the company, had been looking for.

I believe the majority of people still think of salesforce as an SFA company but they are so much more. With the recent Dreamforce 2013 carnival it would seem that they too are proud to finally be seen as such.

The platform, with its consolidated data and quick build UI and logic, as well as the developer tools and APIs is still far in front of any rivals. Yes there are issues and yes it can be expensive but if you embrace it then you can wring out significant value. If salesforce can get rid of their walled garden attitude (and we are seeing this with the appexchange push and the increase in APIs) then it should still be the core of many companies technology stack.

But, and this is a big but, mobile is a different beast.

Paul and I have built MobileCaddy to tame this beast, to bring the power of the ‘force’ to our mobile devices whilst openly acknowledging the challenges that ‘offline first’ brings and creating a toolset not just to overcome that today but to ensure that an organisation can keep benefiting and enhancing for many years to come.

We look forward to sharing our solutions with you. To learn more please sign up for a demo below.

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