Enterprise Mobility for Salesforce Non Profits

I had the pleasure of presenting at the December 2014 meetup of the UK Salesforce NFP group in London. The video is included below as well as a link to the slides.

The focus on my talk was a high level overview of the who, why and how of Enterprise Mobility. First we dived into what Enterprise Mobility means.

The way I like to put it is that 15 years ago Marc Benioff started salesforce.com with the promise of making enterprise software as easy to use as Amazon.com. Enterprise Mobility is an extension of this whereby Enterprise Mobile Apps should be as easy to use as Amazon.com mobile apps.

JH Presenting at London NFP SmallWe then opened out to the attendees to see how many had the Amazon app installed on their phone or tablet. I’d say from a quick hand count it was easily 80%. I then asked how many had ordered something in the last month. Most of the hands stayed up (Amazon are on a winner here!)

Lastly I asked who had been given training on the Amazon mobile app. No Hands.

What does this mean? Well could you and your organisation really build and deploy an app to your staff with no training AND then have the app work faultlessly and be used with NO training.

So we when ask – ‘Why can’t enterprise mobile apps be as easy to use as Amazon.com mobile apps’ – this is what we mean.

The Mobile Promise

We then moved on to look at the ‘Mobile Promise’. Much more research is coming online now citing the reasons that Enterprises look at bringing a mobile element into their technology strategy. The usual suspects are there (1, 2, and 3) but there are also some other interesting reasons raised.

  1. Increased Productivity

  2. Improved Customer Service

  3. Decreased Cost of Business

  4. New Capabilities

  5. More High Quality Data

  6. Community Engagement

The ‘New Capabilities’ is the one I find most interesting and also the one that really requires us to think not of ‘mobilising’ our current processes but redefining to take advantage of the fact we are interacting with the apps ‘as we work’ as well as all the new sensors and features the devices have. For example pretty much every phone now has a camera so taking photos during a workflow would be valuable in most processes (proving work has been complete or being able to show damage to an item etc).

The Why Not!

We then asked. if all these great things are possible… why is this not happening.

  • It is really hard

  • It is really risky

  • It is never ending

And with that we moved onto the challenges BUT with an understanding that although this all sounded a bit doom and gloom that we would explore some simple steps to ensure that true Enterprise Mobility could be delivered, from the smallest to the largest organisation. And delivered so that these challenges can be met today, tomorrow and in the future.


I’d encourage everyone who is interested in starting out on moving their organisation towards taking advantage of the ‘Mobile Promise’ to take a few minutes to understand these steps by watching the video.

Finally a thanks for Julia Whitehead of Give Clarity and Faith Williams of Shonet for organising and dotmailer for hosting.

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