Enterprise Mobility News w/e 28th March 2015

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Our weekly update on the best and most interesting news for executives who are involved or interested in Enterprise Mobility for the week ending 28th March 2015

Enterprise Mobility 4.0: Reaching the extended enterprise

  • The extended enterprise enjoys the same positive benefits from BYOD as their full-time counter parts, so as an IT decision-maker it only makes sense to start thinking about how to incorporate them into your enterprise mobility initiatives…


Sector Roadmap: Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Mainstream enterprises have failed to take advantage of the tremendous growth in mobile capabilities over the past several years thanks to much risk aversion. In 2015, however, the tension between business and operations has finally pushed organizations to the brink of a new round of investment in management technologies…


Enterprise mobility experts prioritize security in 2014

  • “One of the biggest challenges CEOs and boards are facing today is understanding how to best mitigate cyber risks,” said Christy Wyatt, a chairman and CEO at Good Technology…


Shifting perceptions: Why mobility no longer scares us

  • IT teams were not always equipped to handle the pressure of coordinating mobility strategies, requiring a dedicated enterprise mobility management team to handle network integration and connectivity and to cover any related security issues. If a mobility strategy was not properly implemented, there was a serious risk of introducing threats to the network or the technology becoming outdated and redundant in a few years because it was not future proofed


A holistic approach to enterprise mobility

  • There are numerous issues that organizations must bear in mind when developing a coherent enterprise mobility strategy. They must begin by assessing their true mobility needs and weighing these up against the preferences of their employees…


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