EcoEnergy Increases its Number of MobileCaddy App Users to Build on Salesforce Mobile Success

Our client, EcoEnergy, has increased the number of users for its MobileCaddy-powered  Salesforce mobile application. This article will focus on EcoEnergy’s mobile journey so far, which is a great example of the Salesforce platform driving the transformation of critical processes in the field.

A growing mobile workforce

We’re delighted to announce one of our social enterprise clients, EcoEnergy, has made the decision to purchase additional licenses, to increase the number of employees using its business critical mobile application in the field.

Their user base is increasing by 50% which demonstrates how important a robust, offline-first mobile app can be in carrying out key processes, such as the collection of customer data in remote locations with poor connectivity.

Getting to know EcoEnergy

Founded in 2009, EcoEnergy provides affordable, cutting-edge solar technology directly to people with no access to electricity in Pakistan. Its sales, service, and distribution network helps power lights, phones, fans, televisions, and more for households and small businesses alike.

EcoEnergy’s mission is to provide clean electricity access to under-powered communities in Pakistan by addressing a growing energy deficit and offering better socio-economic opportunities.

The organisation has experienced significant success from its efforts in recent years. It is now seeing a direct correlation between that success and its use of the Salesforce platform, combined with MobileCaddy, to digitally empower its field workers.

Understanding strategic mobile transformation

Mobile applications are a common – and, in many cases, essential – tool for workers in almost every job function imaginable these days. People prefer to work in a way which is quick and convenient, and that generally means mobile.

But organisations such as EcoEnergy are the ones leading the way in unlocking the true power of a mobile workforce, because of its understanding of the need for a deeper strategic approach to leveraging a platform like Salesforce to support its mobile initiatives.

EcoEnergy has combined the Salesforce platform with a Mobile Success Platform from MobileCaddy to build a network-resilient, fully custom mobile app, which they can manage themselves and upgrade whenever necessary.

The mobile application itself is customised to reflect and meet the requirements of the organisation and its field-based users. With completely customised interfaces and user flows to ensure data is collected with integrity and at speed, and logic processed locally to remove the need for constant connectivity, the app allows workers to be as effective as possible.

EcoEnergy field users collect leads and opportunities and convert them, with data regarding customer electricity requirements, into a proposal for solar panels and ancillaries, in just a few simple steps. Their customers’ ability to commit to small payments is then checked through logic, and then an order can be raised, along with signature capture, which is then synchronised to the Salesforce platform. All this results in a fast, efficient, and accurate order being processed.

These benefits have allowed the organisation to maximise adoption and optimise performance, resulting in success in the field, and greater funding for its cause, raising the need for additional user licenses.

Support equals success

As mobile technology continues to prove itself as a way to enhance the experience customers receive, by allowing employees to work faster and smarter, that trend will continue to grow exponentially.

But when mobile apps are used to empower a critical process, if the app stops working, then so does the employee. That’s why a mobile strategy must be built around network resilience and performance, and coupled with constant monitoring and support.

MobileCaddy platform includes close to real-time production monitoring with pre-release testing to provide all its clients and users with the confidence that their mobile applications will perform as expected. The MobileCaddy team is also focused on a philosophy of providing support beyond the product, through specialist domain knowledge, expertise, and open channels of communication.

A bright future

EcoEnergy’s plans to not just continue, but progress from, its current use of a mobile application for its field-based employees is promising for members of the Salesforce ecosystem. This also demonstrates to other Salesforce customers that it’s possible for critical processes to be mobilised and deployed to their workforce with full confidence in app performance.

MobileCaddy will continue to be used to accelerate EcoEnergy’s mobile strategy, and de-risk its reliance upon the application, strengthening the partnership and allowing the organisation to confidently invest further in the Salesforce platform and their custom mobile application.

To learn more about how MobileCaddy can help you realise your strategy for a mobile workforce, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or drop us a line on Twitter.

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