Diesel: Learn How This Leading Global Brand Achieved Mobile App Success

diesel-case-studyWhile enterprise mobility may have transcended the status of ‘buzzword’ to be recognised as a genuine strategic business practice many years ago, most analysts and experts feel it’s a trend which is still in its infancy.

Why? Well, despite the vast majority of employees now demanding mobile technology in their respective workplaces – fuelled by the consumer habits and expectations of their everyday lives – some business leaders are still struggling to fully embrace enterprise mobility.

In some cases, this is due to a lack of funding for investment, in others it’s because of the challenges they feel will arise from disrupting their organisations; but often it’s because they’re unable to understand how their most important business processes would actually benefit from translating into the context of a mobile phone from paper or desktop.

But with all the early attention on enterprise mobility being given to mobile devices, mobile business strategies are now beginning to mature and evolve to focus on the applications those devices support. This app-centric trend is where the real driving force has originated recently for enterprise mobility to become more than just a strategic business practice, but an absolute necessity for those businesses to survive in the long-term.

Mobile: A Golden Opportunity for the Salesforce Platform

For organisations operating within the Salesforce ecosystem in particular, mobile apps have become far more than tools for convenient remote working. When leveraged in the right way, an app which is built to mobilise the Salesforce platform can completely transform how a business operates. As a result, enterprise mobile apps will soon be used to fundamentally reimagine entire industry standards by those ambitious enough to trust them.

Our customer, Diesel, has begun to experience this first-hand, having previously failed in an attempt to introduce a mobile app to its field workforce. By working with MobileCaddy to better understand exactly what they wanted their app to achieve, with a solution capable of delivering exactly that, Diesel has since experienced significant operational, financial, and competitive advantages.


Taking Salesforce mobile, beyond the frustrating limitations of the Salesforce1 app, is an enormous opportunity to achieve genuine business transformation. To help other businesses recognise this, we’ve put together an exclusive case study which tells the story of Diesel’s mobile journey, and will educate readers to avoid common pitfalls and make the right decisions, fully preparing them to succeed with their own mobile app projects.

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Stephanie Lennox, Visual Merchandiser for Diesel, explained, ”The MobileCaddy app was easier to use in comparison to the Salesforce1 app. With the old app there was a lot more information to input, and you just felt like you were constantly trying to navigate your way around. My job is all about having time, because I do a lot of travelling. So because the MobileCaddy app was so much quicker, I had a lot more time to complete important jobs that I really needed to get done. I instantly felt much happier using the MobileCaddy app, because the input of all the information was really simple, really easy, and I had no problems using it at all.”

Custom Mobile Apps Drive Productivity, Accuracy, and Efficiency


This case study details Diesel’s project from start to finish, and beyond. We believe it’s important to demonstrate the power of mobile apps when applied to the most critical processes and workflows within a business, regardless of size, industry, or location.

Readers of this in-depth case study will also learn:

  • The dangers of investing in an insufficient, limited technology solution to support key business processes
  • How to overcome the resulting challenges of a failed (or failing) mobile app project
  • The four key pillars of a comprehensive approach to enterprise mobility, which guarantee app success
  • Real life examples of finding the right solution provider to deliver a mobile app that offers absolute confidence in performance.



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