A Customer Perspective: Delivering Outstanding Salesforce Mobile Apps with MobileCaddy

salesforce-mobile-appsThere are many complex technical and commercial decisions to be made by enterprises when searching for a solution to build effective Salesforce mobile apps in the current market. But when an organisation is able to find the right technology, which can deliver exactly what they need, how does the process then continue, and how should the relationship develop?

Following the successful completion of a mobile app project for a customer named The Travel Corporation, Ltd. (TTC), alongside our strategic partners Appirio, we recently sat down to speak with Calvin Goodenough, the Subject Matter Expert from the project, to ask him about his experience working with MobileCaddy.

What was your first impression of working with MobileCaddy? 

Calvin Goodenough: A previous attempt had been made at getting the Tour Operations Portal (TOPS) mobile app project off the ground in September 2015, but this was ultimately abandoned. As a consultant, I wasn’t involved in the selection of the partners, so had no knowledge of them prior to our first kick-off meeting in mid-December.

Nonetheless, I was immediately impressed from the first instance how much research MobileCaddy had taken into our business and our previously failed attempt. From the get-go, whenever we had questions about our concerns, and we had more from the learnings of the first attempt at TOPS, MobileCaddy had real substantive answers.

How did you find MobileCaddy’s approach to the mobile app project?

Calvin: As a person with an operations background I deal in practical issues better than I do concept, and am averse to sales speak. I want real answers to practical problems, and MobileCaddy had those always, day and night, seven days a week. I’ve never worked with a more professional and dedicated team than I have working on this project with Appirio and MobileCaddy. They were very aware of our aggressive timelines to meet a set deadline. Their commitment to the project was second to none, always with good grace, and importantly, humour.


The more the project progressed, the more we realised how much of a folly the previous attempt had been, that surely would have ended with an unfavourable outcome. The more we worked with MobileCaddy, the more we realised this would have never been possible without them. Their knowledge and experience shone through time and time again. The many challenges and blockers we faced on a weekly basis were always met with enthusiasm, and they always had some pointers on where to focus to resolve them in the best way possible.

It was very reassuring for us to have the steady, experienced hand because as a project team this was our first foray into the Salesforce world. Whenever we had potential project concerns, MobileCaddy had real world examples and experience to relate back to, to either reassure us or help overcome the challenges.

How did MobileCaddy help you overcome more specific challenges, or achieve specific goals? 

Calvin: In the mobile cloud world, among two of our greatest concerns are security and data integrity. It was so gratifying for us to know that with the MobileCaddy framework we got these two features, out of the box, without any development overhead.

What’s more, it was an already tried and trusted mechanism used by other clients of theirs. The encrypted local data on the device, along with their sync mechanism, dazzle us time and time again with their effectiveness and efficiency.

Our user base is mobile and they need to be able to respond to live data on the fly without any knowledge of how that’s achieved. Thanks to a crack data integration team, all of the outlying system data that the users previously had no access to is now in Salesforce. Now all they have to do is open up their MobileCaddy TOPS app, and there is all the information they need to effectively and accurately work.

What were some of the more unique aspects of the MobileCaddy app which impressed you? 

Calvin: The nature of a mobile user base it that they’re often not in good WiFi contact. The MobileCaddy framework is thus ideally suited to meeting those particular needs. To the end user, the ability of the MobileCaddy app to work online and offline is seamless, and there’s no interruption to their work.

The app itself for us was an eye opener; we were all caught in a laptop or desktop mode of thinking, based on our years of experience there. The MobileCaddy team helped open our eyes to see things the mobile way, and to think the app way. This helped us together come up with what we believe is a far better way of working for our end users, transforming several old concepts into a fresh, easy to use UI, and creating a very intuitive UX.

It’s been an immense pleasure working with Apprio and MobileCaddy, along with the TTC team on the TOPS project. Not only has the TOPS app grown and evolved into something better than we had dreamed, but we too have learnt new ways of thinking and working, thanks to our excellent professional, dedicated partners.



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