Customer Experience Shines at Salesforce London’s Calling 2019

Answering the Call 

Last week, the MobileCaddy team was fortunate enough to be at London’s Calling 2019, a fantastic annual Salesforce event, kindly hosted by the people at the Skills Matter CodeNode venue in the City of London’s Moorgate area.

London’s Calling is Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals, and this was the fourth consecutive year it’s taken place, bringing together 400 attendees, speakers, and sponsors to share best practices, discuss emerging trends, and explore new ideas related to the Salesforce technology they use to work.

We’re very proud to say that MobileCaddy’s very own Lead Mobile Technical Architect, Todd Halfpenny, has been on the organising committee of the event since its inception. When I asked him his thoughts on the growth of the event since it began, Todd said, “It’s just wonderful to see a community event going from strength to strength. Each year we try to take on the feedback we get and tweak it to suit.

“We’re also keen to try out new things to see how we can make it even better value for our attendees and sponsors. For example, this year we live-streamed all the sessions, and I believe that makes us the first Salesforce community event to attempt this. We’ve also made changes in a few areas to try and make it a more sustainable conference, and this will certainly have continued focus for years to come. 

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Photo credit: Kerry Townsend

Key Themes of the Day

London’s Calling prides itself on having as much diversity, variety, and relevance as possible in its content each year, but as with any event there will always be a number of key themes which rise to the top.

Of course, these trends tend to reflect the trends which Salesforce itself is in pursuit of supporting with its ever-evolving technology offering. We saw a strong emphasis on customer experience and customer service, which we’ve also developed a deep interest in, this year.

It should also come as no surprise that Spring ‘19 features were explored, with sessions on Lightning Flow (special thanks to Claire Jones for covering this session) and a dive into Lightning Web Components.

How Augmented Reality is Transforming Customer Service 

And it wouldn’t be London’s Calling without a presentation from MobileCaddy, would it? Todd has taken the reigns on this for the last three years, but this time decided to allow his brother some time in the spotlight.

Our CEO, Justin Halfpenny, gave a fantastic presentation on how augmented reality (AR) technology will change the face of self-service in the customer experience space forever. This included several live demonstrations of AR in action, ranging from what’s achievable with browser-based web-AR, right through to object detection and part identification, which got a brilliant response from the audience.


Reflecting on this trend, Justin told us, “Being able to show live demonstrations of complex part recognition in a self-serve context really drove home how manufacturers can offer rich and valuable mobile experiences these days. The reaction from the audience upon seeing just how available AR is to them today was wonderful, and to have the opportunity at a top-level event like London’s Calling was a real pleasure.”

We’ll be bringing you the video recording of Justin’s session, along with others, soon, so keep an eye out for those over the next few weeks.

The Best of the Rest 

The event also featured was a very powerful keynote speech from Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina, who spoke about mind hygiene and how digital devices affect the brain. She discussed what makes our devices so irresistible that we have to constantly keep checking them, the science behind digital addiction, and also gave some practical examples for how to better manage this issue.

In addition to the thought-provoking talk from Anastasia, it was also great to see Barry Roberts’s session, ‘An Introduction to Architecture’, and the theme of broadening the skills of Salesforce admins was further echoed here and in other sessions throughout the day, including ones on Source Driven Configuration, Git, and SOQL.

What did Todd Have to Say?

Regarding the trends which seemed to be most prominent and exciting for the Salesforce ecosystem, Todd said, “The continued drive towards customer success appears to be relentless; even the presentations on what could be perceived as quite technical topics all drive towards improving the experience of Salesforce end users, and ultimately their own customers too.

“This is great to hear from a MobileCaddy perspective, as it resonates with almost every interaction I have on a daily basis, whether it’s discussing UX best practices with our design teams or having architectural discussions with our partners, we’re on a mission to make sure the end users are empowered and have all the information they need at their fingertips.”

Upcoming Events  

London’s Calling may have come and gone for another year, but there’s no need to be disappointed if you missed it. There are a whole host of regular events for the Salesforce community which we’d highly recommend you take part in.

Not that you need convincing, but if you’d like to hear just how rewarding participation in the community can be, you should also check out Todd’s article reflecting on over 100 hours of travelling to and from these events.

We’d Love to Hear From You 

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Got a question about the Salesforce platform, mobile applications, or challenges with your business’s digital initiatives? Don’t wait until the next event to ask us. Get in touch today, as we’re always keen to have a chat with like-minded members of the community, or join the discussion on Twitter!


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