MobileCaddy Presents: How Augmented Reality Will Transform Customer Service

Our more regular readers might recall that back in March, when recapping the excellent fourth annual edition of the London’s Calling Salesforce community event, we promised we would bring you a certain video in due course.

Our CEO, Justin Halfpenny, along with brother and Lead Mobile Technical Architect Todd, presented at this year’s event on behalf of MobileCaddy. Their presentation, titled, How Augmented Reality is Changing the Face of Self-Service, gave audiences a look (literally) into the future of customer service, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

The exciting session included several live demonstrations of innovative Augmented Reality (AR) technology in action, showing the attendees first-hand what’s achievable with browser-based web-AR, right through to mobile object detection and part identification. And now, as promised, you can watch the full presentation in the video below!

Discussing the demo’s role in proving how AR will soon transform customer experience and customer service, Justin had this to say: “Being able to show live demonstrations of complex part recognition in a self-serve context really drove home how manufacturers can offer rich and valuable mobile experiences these days. The reaction from the audience upon seeing just how available AR is to them today was wonderful, and to have the opportunity at a top-level event like London’s Calling was a real pleasure.”

From MobileCaddy’s point of view, we’re looking forward to embracing these trends and helping our partners continue to stay ahead of the curve when meeting the demands of their customers. Augmented Reality is still a new concept for many, and this presentation was designed to offer ideas for just a handful of use cases among the almost endless possibilities. Our team is now hard at work to make AR solutions accessible and affordable for the Salesforce ecosystem.

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  • What are your thoughts on the ideas and trends covered in this video?
  • How is technology currently impacting your business?

If you found the presentation interesting, do let us know your thoughts on Twitter, or if you’re interested in learning more about how technology can improve customer experience, get in touch here to set up a conversation with a member of our team.

You can also head over to the London’s Calling YouTube channel to catch up on other presentation recordings from this year (or past years). And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the fifth instalment of the event in early 2020!

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