Strategic Mobile Decisions: Countdown to the Salesforce World Tour, Part 3

rsz_dieselplaceitupgradeAs we continue to answer some of the market’s burning questions regarding enterprise applications and digital transformation, ahead of the Salesforce World Tour event this week, our attention has turned internally to find out how MobileCaddy is best suited to help businesses progress on their mobile journeys.

Following his recent prediction of what major trend will have the biggest impact on the mobile app market in the coming year or so, we asked our Senior Product Manager Alan Faubel what MobileCaddy clients and partners feel are the most valuable aspects of working with us.

There are a number of unique reasons why MobileCaddy is capable of helping businesses take that leap to achieving true transformational mobility, but Alan singled out a particular strategic driver, beyond some of the more obvious features.

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Mobile Expert Predictions: Countdown to the Salesforce World Tour, Part 2

Mobile-Expert-PredictionsFollowing our CTO’s insightful exploration of why data restriction and control are so important to any mobile app development process in the enterprise, we’re continuing our series of conversations with our in-house team of mobile experts, this time looking to the future.

With the Salesforce World Tour just around the corner, there are a number of prominent questions which businesses of all shapes and sizes will be interested in answering right now, regarding their planned investments in mobile technology.

To explore these trends, I recently caught up with Alan Faubel, MobileCaddy’s Senior Product Manager. I asked Alan: What’s the one thing you expect to see having the biggest impact on the enterprise mobile app market in the coming year or so?

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Ask the Mobile Experts: Countdown to the Salesforce World Tour, Part 1

Salesforce-World-TourThe London edition of this year’s Salesforce World Tour is less than a week away, and excitement is building for us here at MobileCaddy.

We’re looking forward to connecting with businesses and Salesforce partners alike, to discuss the vast opportunities mobile technology is presenting to the current professional landscape.

With that in mind, we’re counting down the remaining days with some top tips for transforming businesses with mobile applications. To do this, we’re drawing on the expertise of our in-house experts, starting with MobileCaddy CTO and Co-Founder, Paul Tarpey.

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Join MobileCaddy at the Salesforce World Tour 2016 in London


The Salesforce World Tour

Thursday, 19 May, 2016

ExCel Centre, London


Join MobileCaddy at the upcoming London-based Salesforce event, to learn how the disruptive impact of enterprise mobility is driving businesses to extend the Salesforce platform, maximising the value gained from mobile technology.

The MobileCaddy team will be demonstrating this philosophy by showcasing mobile apps with fully customisable user interfaces, that are completely functional even when offline, guaranteed to accelerate any business along the path to true mobile transformation.

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Mobile Apps in Retail Offer Organisations a Cutting Edge

The Mobile Mentality in Retail

Most people would be quickly forgiven for immediately turning to the consumer market when thinking of using mobile apps in retail. After all, mobile commerce is a fast-growing trend which is gaining significant momentum, starting to overtake more conventional methods of shopping.

And while there are tremendous opportunities for retailers to capitalise on that by optimising, and innovating, their business models to suit mobile-first customers, it seems there’s just as much value to be gained by introducing such mobile technologies internally.

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Using Ionic, MobileCaddy and for Offline Mobile Apps

Here at MobileCaddy, we were recently fortunate enough to have one of our own present to the second-largest meeting of Salesforce developers globally, at February’s London-based Developer User Group event.

As proud video sponsors of the London Salesforce DUG, we were given the opportunity to demonstrate the business value of rapidly building mobile apps which are fully robust, offline-first, and highly cost-effective.

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Mobile Apps Can Make the Difference for Modern Healthcare Workers

The ‘Mobile Promise’ 

Mobile apps, to put it lightly, are everywhere. Whichever way you look at it, mobile apps have become one of the most common ways for people to communicate with friends, receive live news about their interests, keep themselves fit, and even do their jobs.

Taking a closer look at that last point, people using mobile apps in (or outside of) the workplace is perhaps where the most significant impact is being made nowadays, due to the simple fact that mobile technology is designed almost exclusively around speed and convenience.

Mobile Apps in Healthcare 

In the healthcare sector, for example, the time taken to complete and record a patient’s diagnosis can be drastically reduced by using a mobile app to log the data into an online system. Naturally, this then allows the medical professional in question to see more patients in a given day than they would’ve previously been able to manage.

This is just one very basic example of how mobile apps are enabling healthcare workers to be more efficient, but the improvements the technology is making on the industry as a whole are monumental.

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London’s Calling – London’s Questions!!


lndcalsponThis month MobileCaddy were among great company as proud sponsors of the first ever London’s Calling – The biggest Salesforce community event in Europe!  And what a brilliant event it was to.

There were six of our team attending the event (including our Mobile Technical Architect who presented a talk there) and it is testament to the organisers that we were all in conversation with attendees from the minute we arrived until late into the evening. The fact that all of these chats revolved around how to make their own or their clients organisations more successful was even better.

Now that the dust has settled we have had time to review all the interesting conversations we had as a Sponsor/Exhibitor. So it seems as good a time as any to dig into the 3 most common themes of the great questions we were asked by the community.

What is a critical mobile app?

There was a tremendous amount of interest in understanding what a critical mobile app is and why it would matter to a Salesforce customer. This question drives at the heart of what MobileCaddy delivers – the ability to confidently mobilise mission or business critical apps using the Salesforce platform.

The easiest way to understand what is, and what isn’t, a critical mobile app is to ask one question. If the app stops does this stop the business delivering or creating value?

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Salesforce Community Event : London’s Calling 2016



There has been an awakening in the….Have you felt it?

London’s Calling will be the largest Salesforce community event in Europe and will be hosted at the Skills Matter Codenode on Friday, February 5, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (GMT). Add to calendar

MobileCaddy is proud to announce that we have been chosen to speak at Salesforce’s London’s Calling Event and we would love to see you there too!

The event will be held over one actioned packed day and there will be all sorts of sessions being run from business, to admin, to developer, to architect. If it’s of interest to you then what are you waiting for, book your ticket now and and get ready to get immersed with others who share your passion for all things Salesforce.

Only The Paranoid Apps Survive!

Todd Halfpenny our senior technical mobile architect at MobileCaddy will be presenting at the event on enterprise mobile apps. The benefits to having a robust Salesforce mobile solution are numerous, but there are just as many common, hidden gotchas that need to be addressed to ensure true application success. Learn about these pitfalls, the impact to the organisation and your solution options. Unpack how to survive the critical challenges of delivering custom, Salesforce mobile apps that drive the value business needs today and tomorrow; Because remember when taking Salesforce 100% mobile, you’re building an advantage not just an app.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you pumped for the big day then you can also look forward to a treasure trove of treats & knowledge from the keynote speakers including :

London’s Calling will also showcase a number of fantastic user group meetups and will provide you with some exciting insights and maybe even some important future contacts.

But none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the passionate Salesforce community (If Carlsberg did communities……you get the idea) So a massive thank you has to go to Francis Pinder, Simon Goodyear, Jodi Wagner, and Kerry Townsend, for all their hard work and unwavering motivation in providing this fantastic community with an event that is set to raise the bar.


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