EcoEnergy Increases its Number of MobileCaddy App Users to Build on Salesforce Mobile Success

Our client, EcoEnergy, has increased the number of users for its MobileCaddy-powered  Salesforce mobile application. This article will focus on EcoEnergy’s mobile journey so far, which is a great example of the Salesforce platform driving the transformation of critical processes in the field.

A growing mobile workforce

We’re delighted to announce one of our social enterprise clients, EcoEnergy, has made the decision to purchase additional licenses, to increase the number of employees using its business critical mobile application in the field.

Their user base is increasing by 50% which demonstrates how important a robust, offline-first mobile app can be in carrying out key processes, such as the collection of customer data in remote locations with poor connectivity.

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Mobile App Support Paves the Way for Performance and Innovation

Innovation comes with inherent risk, especially for enterprise mobile apps. Businesses leading the way with mobility are the ones with sufficient support in place to ensure their apps will always perform as required, allowing them to focus on successfully innovating. This article explains the comprehensive mobile app support we provide our customers and partners to give them full confidence in their application performance.

Mobile is a Moving Target

Leaders in enterprise mobility are the businesses that are always striving to innovate. For us, continuous innovation means continuous updates and improvements to mobile applications. This is how mobile apps are able to deliver true competitive advantages and differentiation to a business.

We believe all our customers and partners fall into this category, because they are approaching mobility in such a way that they’re never standing still with their mobile initiatives, and they appreciate the environment their mobile apps operate in never stands still either. What makes them leaders is that, instead of seeing that challenge as an obstacle to innovation, they use it as the basis for their mobile strategies.

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1.5m Mobile Transactions Proves Performance and Reduced Risk for MobileCaddy Apps


Just two months after achieving a groundbreaking first 1 million transactions monitored in a single month, our systems have quickly moved on to the next milestone, passing the 1.5 million transaction barrier in May. This article will explain the significance of those systems and the important role they play for our clients’ and partners’ mission critical Salesforce mobile apps.

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London Salesforce DUG, May 2018: Trailhead DX Global Gathering

london-dg-thumbnail-may2018 Our regular readers will know by now that the London Salesforce developer community comes together once a month in London to network, share great tips and development practices, get to grips with new features, and give feedback on APIs and the development experience.

As proud sponsors of the London Salesforce DUG YouTube channel, we’ll continue to provide the highlights of each event to ensure members of the community who can’t attend in person can keep up to speed. But, trust us, they’re way better in person, so be sure to come along the next time you’re available.

This month’s DUG event took place on Tuesday, 15 May, hosted by Salesforce at the impressive Salesforce Tower with food and drinks kindly sponsored by Data Dwell (a Salesforce AppExchange Partner). It featured a presentation from a special guest speaker Eric Jacobson, VP Product Manager, Salesforce Lightning, but before that was one of the meetup organisers, Keir Bowden:

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April 2018 – London Salesforce Developer User Group

london-dg-thumbnail-aprilRegular readers will know we here at MobileCaddy make an effort to stay engaged and active within the wider Salesforce community.

We are proud sponsors of the London Salesforce Developer User Group YouTube channel, and our Lead Mobile Technical Architect Todd is a regular speaker at the London DUG events.

Each month, the Salesforce developer community in London gets together to network, share great development practices, get to grips with new features, and give feedback on APIs and the development experience.

We’ll be bringing the highlights of these events to you to ensure members of the community who can’t attend in person can keep up to speed. For example, last month’s London Salesforce DUG featured great talks from Todd and BrightGen CTO Keir Bowden.

thirdrepublicThis month’s DUG event took place on Thursday 26 April and was sponsored by Third Republic. It featured two great talks from London DUG members:

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A must-read for mobile app owners who need to comply with upcoming GDPR


With the impending enforcement of the GDPR, it’s critical for organisations to consider not just whether their on-premise systems are compliant, but their mobile applications too. This article will help you understand what data might be stored on your Salesforce enterprise mobile apps and mobile devices, how it can be retrieved, added, and removed, and how to easily audit the data on each individual user’s device.

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March 2018 – London Salesforce Developer User Group

london-dg-thumbnailEvery month, the London Salesforce developer community gets together to discover great development practices, get to grips with new features and give feedback on APIs and the development experience. As proud sponsors, we ensure all the excellent speaker sessions can be made available online to further the London DUG opportunity for open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

This month, we had two talks from London DUG members:

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How to Keep Your Mobile Apps Running Properly Amid New iPhone X Requirement


With the release of the iPhone X, which has brought with it a new, larger screen size, Apple has also recently updated its App Store policy. This policy now requires all new submissions to the App Store to support the iPhone X’s display resolution. In this article we’ll detail the new requirements, explain how to comply with them, and also cover what impact this will have on MobileCaddy customers specifically.

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Keep Your Salesforce Mobile Apps Up to Speed With Our Latest Product Updates and Releases

product update podcast teal

Product Update Webcast: March 2018

Our Product team are laser-focused on enabling our customers and users to accelerate and de-risk the delivery of highly sophisticated mobile apps that feed off the Salesforce platform.

They are adding new features to the MobileCaddy suite at an incredible rate, whilst engineering reliability and baking in robustness at every opportunity across the entire stack. As you can see from this update, the suite is constantly being simplified and improved, making it easier and easier to use. Here we cover what the team have been up to most recently.

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