April 2018 – London Salesforce Developer User Group

london-dg-thumbnail-aprilRegular readers will know we here at MobileCaddy make an effort to stay engaged and active within the wider Salesforce community.

We are proud sponsors of the London Salesforce Developer User Group YouTube channel, and our Lead Mobile Technical Architect Todd is a regular speaker at the London DUG events.

Each month, the Salesforce developer community in London gets together to network, share great development practices, get to grips with new features, and give feedback on APIs and the development experience.

We’ll be bringing the highlights of these events to you to ensure members of the community who can’t attend in person can keep up to speed. For example, last month’s London Salesforce DUG featured great talks from Todd and BrightGen CTO Keir Bowden.

thirdrepublicThis month’s DUG event took place on Thursday 26 April and was sponsored by Third Republic. It featured two great talks from London DUG members:

Skarpi Steinthorsson, CTO, Data Dwell @Skarpi26

Don’t become Dr Frankenstein

This first presentation was a very interesting and honest insight into how startup Data Dwell – an ISV with AppExchange apps – turned their approach to development around and started embracing the features available in Salesforce itself, as well as the development tooling and best practices available. Skarpi covered aspects such as engaging with Tech Evangelists and using the excellent features associated with Salesforce DX, such as scratch orgs.

Keir Bowden and Jodi Wagner
@jmwagner @bob_buzzard

Salesforce MVPs Keir Bowden (CTO, BrightGen) and Jodi Wagner (Engagement Manager, Bluewolf, an IBM company)

Getting started with public speaking

In this talk, Jodi and Keir explained how, rather than being a fate worse than death, public speaking is a skill that can be acquired and honed, and benefit your career into the bargain. When studies show that people are more afraid of public speaking than death, it’s a very good skill to have in today’s business climate.

The London Salesforce developer community is driven by its members for the benefit of its members. So, if you want to get involved, learn more, or share experiences, or just come along to see what it’s all about, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Everyone is welcome!

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