Why adding photo capture to your offline mobile app is so powerful

One of the hidden gems when mobilising your force.com applications is discovering that simple device capabilities can have a significant impact on the value that gets delivered.

Take for example the ability to take a photo and store the image on the record back at the platform. This today is quite an easy things to achieve (in fact MobileCaddy allows you to just use long text fields so no integration work or extra storage is required).

crashed car small

How difficult would it be to explain this damage in text? With one click you could have this image on the platform record.

What would this mean to our previously desk bound application?

  1. An insurance company could record photographic evidence of damage

  2. A retailer could take a photo of a shop window to show the layout to another store.

  3. A service company could take a photo of a part for identification

  4. A Non Profit could photograph refugees to aid family reconciliation.

Two main use cases

  1. As a recording mechanism

  2. As a replacement for text

So if you are just starting/have started your mobile transformation think about the processes you are going to push the devices. Think about how you could replace long text inputs with captured images. Think how and why it would be good to record extra detail with a photo. No doubt very quickly you will be able think of at least one or two scenarios where this would be a quick win.

And the beauty of this is your users will need no training as it is a process they are very familiar with. Then as an added bonus you can integrate this into your logic flow using the MobileCaddy APIs and a simple but powerful front-end framework such as Ionic. This means that for instance you could have the report entry include a ‘now take an image’ flow so that you can be sure that your processes are followed.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can build and deploy fully offline apps for Salesforce or Force.com that allow you to take and store images (regardless of connection) then please request a demo.

Click now to arrange a demo of MobileCaddy

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