2016 Salesforce World Tour: A MobileCaddy Recap

rsz_11482a0017Yesterday brought around London’s edition of the Salesforce World Tour for 2016. MobileCaddy joined this year as an official Gold Sponsor, and those who attended will be aware of what a great experience the event was.

Attracting almost 10,000 members of the wider ecosystem, the World Tour was a unique opportunity for us to gain a better understanding of how, if at all, businesses are using the Salesforce platform to mobilise their workflows and employees.

Throughout the day, it was exciting to learn about some of the ways in which mobile applications are facilitating, as well as driving, digital transformation for the companies that are currently leveraging them.

However, there still appears to be a surprising gap between the available benefits of mobility, and those taking advantage of the technology. Over the course of the event, we surveyed the audience on a number of different topics, and discovered that a staggering 61% of businesses in attendance don’t currently have a mobile app for their employees.

During one of the day’s ‘breakout sessions’, led by Simon Short, Salesforce EVP of Customer Success and Growth, it was suggested that in every sector there is a digital leader, whether their innovation is being noticed by the wider market or not. Short then revealed that he’s seen businesses of this nature prove to be up to 26% more profitable than their respective competitors.

Mobile applications are one of the most effective and impactful ways to transform a business into a digital leader, offering competitive differentiation, improved performance, and the ability to achieve even the most far-reaching goals.

To support this, it was mentioned in the event’s keynote session, during an interesting customer case study, that leading car manufacturer Aston Martin has achieved a 43% increase in marketing ROI through their use of their mobile app on the Salesforce platform. This demonstrates the undeniable value of providing employees, such as sales staff, with the ability to perform their tasks faster, more efficiently, and in-line with the overall business strategy; in real-time and in any location.



Salesforce used this event to describe the current professional landscape as entering the ‘age of the customer’. However, it’s important to remember that without consistent and effective processes in place, a business is simply unable to deliver a satisfying experience to its customers.

MobileCaddy’s ability to deliver custom mobile apps which remain affordable, capable, and reliable, allows businesses to leverage the Salesforce platform and transform their most important, mission critical workflows with absolute confidence. It was brilliant to hear that more businesses are now beginning to realise the important of this to their long-term success, and are actively looking to develop a mobile app strategy to help drive positive change.


For more information about the role of mobile apps within a modern business, you can hear what a number of MobileCaddy’s subject matter experts feel are some the most prominent trends affecting the market right now:

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