2 hours to build a fully Offline Account/Contact mobile app for Salesforce.com with Ionic

Here at MobileCaddy we often get asked just how rapid our development and deployment platform for fully offline mobile apps really is. Expectations are normally for significant time and cost for even fairly simple apps.

I suppose due to the fact that starting from scratch you would have to configure and build a sync process, mobilise the data, deal with conflicts, handle connection failures and then not to mention build device apps for these to run on – you can start to see why weeks of effort are often quoted.

So we wanted to show you and your development team (or development partners) just how quick the MobileCaddy platform is, and so we are excited to announce our Account & Contact app that can be built and deployed in just 2 hours following the tutorial on our developer site.


Key Points of the App

  1. This app can be built from scratch in under 2 hours.

  2. It allows accounts to be viewed offline and contacts to be viewed, added and updated offline.

  3. It has a super sweet user interface

  4. It can be deployed instantly on phones and tablets for iOS and/or Android operating systems (with no coding)

  5. It can be enhanced by your team with minimal effort

  6. It can easily become the foundation for a deployable app based on your on requirements

  7. It is FREE :)  - but note you you will need a MobileCaddy Platform edition and a Salesforce.com licence (or a free developer box)

So the question is… what are you waiting for? Get your developers to head on over to our dev site where they can get their free dev account and by the end of the day have a fully offline working mobile app.

Visit the Account & Contact Explorer Tutorial

TIP – If you have a custom app get your devs to simply replace the Account/Contact objects in the tutorial and voila! You wil have your custom app working (ie a field visit and report object).

This demo can easily become the basis of a production mobile application with full offline capabilites – it is built using the wonderful Ionic Framework and the UI can be configured in style, colour or branded as your organisation requires.

If you’d like to see just how far (and how quick) you can push the Salesforce platform by adding MobileCaddy into the mix please click here to arrange a 20 minute demo.

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