1.5m Mobile Transactions Proves Performance and Reduced Risk for MobileCaddy Apps


Just two months after achieving a groundbreaking first 1 million transactions monitored in a single month, our systems have quickly moved on to the next milestone, passing the 1.5 million transaction barrier in May. This article will explain the significance of those systems and the important role they play for our clients’ and partners’ mission critical Salesforce mobile apps.

Trustworthy Mobile Applications

For the past two years, our MobileCaddy Trust site has been providing our clients and partners with the confidence they need to fully invest in a mobile-led strategy for digital transformation of their organisations. This confidence comes from the constant monitoring and support of their mobile apps carried out by our internal systems each and every day, made visible through our Trust site.

Back in March we achieved a fantastic milestone, as it was the first time our monitoring systems processed, analysed, and checked over 1 million mobile transactions in a single month. This is a tremendous amount of user activity, and demonstrates just how much the adoption of our MobileCaddy Mobile Success Platform has grown since we began.

That high volume of activity has gone from strength to strength, and just two months after breaking the 1million barrier, our users have gone on to register 1,583,672 transactions through our Trust site in May.

This is further evidence that the confidence our Trust site instils in our clients and partners is being converted into benefits for their frontline employees, who are able to depend on their mobile apps to perform as they should at all times, regardless of location or connectivity.

With no doubt their apps will remain reliable, even when supporting the most critical business processes, the perceived risk is removed and they are able to invest in building out far more complex capabilities and more intuitive user experiences.

Our MobileCaddy CEO, Justin Halfpenny, said, “Once our clients have confidence in the delivery and performance of sophisticated, critical mobile apps, it provides a foundation for further innovation in the field, creating differentiation and competitive advantage that previously would’ve been seen as too high a risk.”

Removing the Risk of Investing in Mobile

Recording these transactions and communicating them to our community is the most visible part of the MobileCaddy Trust site, serving as its ‘shop window’ so to speak, as well as our daily alerts and notifications to ensure that confidence is always there.

But the reason such a high volume of monthly transactions has become possible is because of the support in place under the covers, reducing the chance of mobile app failure as much as possible. We’re constantly striving to remain ahead of the game with our monitoring and pre-release testing, staying on top of any potential issues which could arise.

The risks mobile poses to a business are well documented:


Losing initial financial investment.


Lack of adoption when introducing new systems into the organisation.


Time spent on acquiring or training new resources.


Exposing critical processes to potential failure.


High costs of operating and supporting applications.

These risks are compounded when the business is lacking in operational visibility and control regarding the mobile technology they’ve invested in.

That’s exactly why MobileCaddy Trust exists, to demonstrate to our community on a daily basis that their apps and the mobile environment they operate within are being constantly monitored, tested, and protected. That means the risks are removed from the investment, and clients and partners can focus on innovation to ensure their employees gain the maximum value from their mobile apps.

Success starts with visibility


A daily Status update for all transactions (volume and issues), authentication failures, platform limits overage warnings and record conflicts resolved.


Notifications about upcoming OS version releases and dates, package updates, non critical Issues and advisories.


Immediate impact alerts covering our own processing, Container Apps and libraries as well as Salesforce Platform degradation along with critical Known Issues.

The 1.5 million transactions we’ve monitored in the month of May are further proof that the MobileCaddy Trust site is doing its job, which allows the apps to keep performing, the users to stay focused on their work, and the business to see a significant return on investment.

Looking Forward

It’s extremely positive and encouraging for us to see this increasing adoption and growing confidence in mobile applications, powered by MobileCaddy.

Our Trust site will continue to act as an entirely transparent channel for our clients and partners, communicating everything that’s going on behind the scenes. This ensures they have the confidence and reliability needed to allow them to concentrate on the truly valuable possibilities their mobile apps present to their businesses, and to push the boundaries with what can be achieved.

Whether you’re currently working with us or not, it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing Salesforce mobile environment. Feel free to have a look around our MobileCaddy Trust site, subscribe to our regular notifications and alerts by emailing alerts@mobilecaddy.net or drop us a line on Twitter.

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